Saturday 14 November 2015

A Quiet Sunset

Last week, on my evening off, I went sunset chasing.

I headed south, to start with.

But then I changed direction, heading back for the coast, taking the road to Yarrabah

I raced the sunset as far as I could, making it aroung to East Trinity, which is across the inlet from the city.

I was facing the city which was nestled in the shadows of the mountains. Looking close to the opposite way I used to from work.

I was aiming for Second Beach but didn't get that far, having to stop off at a beach before that.

I have no idea what it is really called but I have heard it referred to as First Beach, so I'll go with that.

The road here dips right to the coastline but other than the odd passing car it was a peaceful spot to watch the sun sink behind the mountains.

This was a new spot for me and I enjoyed exploring a bit, walking along the sand among the mangroves and rocks.

Although I saw footprints, there wasn't another person in sight.

I kept my thongs on, a small protection from the bit of shell scattered all over the sand. So I left thong prints rather than foot prints.

From this beach I could look to the city, look further north and see the airport lights, look further north to Double Island as well as look out to sea.

The water was silky looking with smooth wavelets coming in.

Towards the city.

Once the sun went down the sky gently changed colours.

Double Island just off the end of the mainland in the distance.

It was just one of those soft looking evenings that gently slip from day to night.

Looking more to the south and to the mangroves.

The light is the airport.

The city.

This mangrove looks ready to walk off.

By the time I left there wasn't too much light left in the sky.

The colours were leaving for another day.

I'll definitely be doing this again, maybe I'll even make it to Second Beach.


  1. Lovely waterscapes and beaches, Great series of images. Happy weekend to you!

    1. Thank you! It was a beautiful spot to visit. Have a great weekend.

  2. What beautiful colours for your sunset. Love the subtlety of it all. Gorgeous.


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