Friday, 20 November 2015

Ross and Locke

Yesterday, I headed out to take some photos I had thought about a bit and to head to a newish spot to look around. It was a great day to get out actually, with a strong breeze and pretty low humidity. I certainly deal with that way better than the humidity.

I headed south and then turned towards the Gillies Highway. There were a couple of spots perfect for seeing a different view of Walsh's Pyramid. It doesn't look so pyramid like from the side.

Then I stopped off ot Ross and Locke.

 Ross and Locke is a picnic area on the Mulgrave River. Of cause there are the usual caution, crocodile signs, but it is actually a pretty popular swimming spot and 4x4 area for locals.

While I was there, a couple of ladies along with their kids and dogs were having a cool off in the shallow water.

I can see why it is popular, it is so pretty with the river rambling through the trees and mountains.

I love that the railway goes over the river. A bit of character added to the area.

I've wanted to go down and take some photos of the railway line for a while but never seemed to get there. Check ... now it has been done.

At the moment the river is nice and low but still running reasonably fast.

When the wet arrives, the river takes on a while new life, turning into a raging torrent.

It goes over roads and railway lines, often cutting off places.

Hard to imagine this pretty river doing that.

While I was there a few went through to do some 4x4ing. Mad buggers. 

Maybe it is the fact that I lived in a remote area where 4x4 was a necessity rather than a sport or maybe that I don't have enough testosterome but I just don't see the point of it. Why to you want to go out and purposly put your car through conditions that wreck it when you don't have to? And why drive across the river when there is a perfectly good bridge there?

Yep, I don't get it.

So this week things have been a little different. I didn't have to work on Monday night. It was so strange, especially as I work every Monday night.

Instead I worked an 11 hour shift on Tuesday, from 12-11pm. I survived it, amazingly. A train had derailed and so our load was a day late arriving soooo we had two days of groceries to pack on shelves on Tuesday. That is a lot of groceries.

The groceries arrived late on Tuesday though, so being there from 12pm wasn't really necessary. We did other jobs though and then I got away with doing not much of the actual load before moving over to my job for the night (my original Tuesday night job), changing over all the specials that are displayed on the ends of shelves.

Now on Wednesday I was expecting the normal non enthusiasm at out work but walked into the shop to praise and lots of it. So much so that they supplied us with the new lines of biccies from the bakery to snack on all night. Now that was a mood lifter.

What else has been happening? Nothing much, just washing and such.

Yesterday morning, the computer upstairs which is actually a not so fancy hook up of my old laptop, that has a dead screen, to a desktop screen had the screen saver going. It must have been set to a folder of sepia photos from my station days. I plonked myself down in front of it and just watched. Amazing. People tell me how much they love what I share, the photos I take, but honestly I just do the polite thank you and think to myself 'yeah, they are okay'. Looking at photos with years between viewing really makes me appreciate them and changes my ability to see how good they are. Not to sound conceted but they were pretty awesome and would make an awesome coffee table book. Ideas, ideas.

I must confess I don't have all that much faith in my abilities or talents, obviously.

On that note I have been conned into doing a photography job by a friend who is a photographer. It isn't anything fancy. I'll be doing pet Christmas photos at the end of this month. I was pretty reluctant but she has faith in me and says it is a super easy job where perfection is not going to happen. I'm giving it a go after lots of nervousness, umming and ahhhing along with my fear of doing the unknown. I'm sure it will all be fine.

Another confession I have is that I am back to my dreading Christmas place. You see due to the job above having a black out on holidays over the Christmas period and the lack of another job, I'm pretty sure the likelihood of me making it down to Mum's is pretty low. You think I'd be over that issue by now and able to deal with it but well I still don't deal with it all that well. I guess it is just because it is the two of us and to me Christmas is all about family.

Speaking of Christmas, when do you start decorating or putting up your tree?
(If you do, that is.)

Haha, on a side note, how coincidental that when I a rambling on and start talking about trees, it it the tree photos that are around it.

 Anyway, Mr Sparky wanted to put our Christmas tree up a few weeks ago. Secretly, I think maybe he brought it up to rile me up. This was one of those discussions last year. He wanted it up early and I am very much in the put it up on the 1st of December camp. I have a feeling I might have to compromise this year and that the Christmas tree won't stay in its box under the spare bed for much longer. Maybe I should clean up a bit first.

Also maybe I should finish that quilt I have for my niece who is now nearly 6 months old.

Oh, I saw previews for the movie The Dressmaker and though that looks okay. It was one of those books I couldn't decide whether I wanted to read or not. So I buckled down and read because I love to read the book before seeing the movie. Well I still want to see the movie but I found the book hard and strange and hard to follow. It took until the end to kind of work out the story and even then it was ... I don't know.

It took me ages to read but then I don't devour books the way I used to. Now I am on to Barra Creek by Di Morrissey and am thoroughly enjoying it. Mind you, still taking forever to read it.

Hmmm, there is something I could do today. Housework or reading, housework or reading ...

Or maybe some job hunting with a side or blog reading and facebooking and catching up on instagram.

So this weekend coming I had a few 'kind of' plans floating around in my head. They involved visiting my sister in Townsville or going to the reef or doing something, somewhere (very specific). Mr Sparky however happens to be on call for work this weekend, the weekend I'm not working, so we are going nowhere and doing nothing. Exciting stuff. Well I could still go somewhere and do something but I probably won't.
Hey, sis ... want to come to me???

So now I have proven nothing exciting has really been happening and done a lot of blah, blahhhing there are still more photos to go.

Now I could just leave you to enjoy them in silence.

But then, often I am pretty chatty when I get familiar with people.

I spend so much time, having quiet time (envy away), that sometimes I am hard to shut up. Even when I am talking about nothing.

But then I like my quiet time and going to quiet places when no one else is around.

Ross and Locke was a nice quiet spot on a Thursday morning. I could though see lots of evidence of people who had been there. Why are people such grots?

On weekends, I've heard, that it is quite a busy place with plenty of people.

I think I liked pretty much having it to myself.

It means I can relax and not worry about what people think of me taking 50 million photos of everything. Mind you they probably don't think much about it anyway.

So what are you up to this weekend?

I think a lot of Aussies are in for some scorching weather at the moment so I image most people are just going to try and stay cool.

Hopefully, whatever you get up to is fun and relaxing.
Stay safe in this crazy world.

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  1. Your comment about not using the bridge cracks me up.

    1. Well honestly, the bridge is just there. I used it to walk across to the other side after all. Maybe I just need a bigger sense of adventure or maybe cars aren't meant to swim. Thanks for coming by Tom.

  2. We put our tree up this weekend. It' a tradition, to coincide with the local Christmas pageant. Ho ho ho ;)
    I'd rather this beautiful spot all to myself too. People ARE grots. I am appalled at some of the rubbish that gets left around our local playground! Lazy buggers.

  3. What a great tradition Alicia. Ours, as kids, always went up the 1st or the weekend closest. Ours here went up today mind you I am pretty sure I will add decorations as I go.
    I know, why are people so messy. Most places around here are like that unfortunately. It isn't like there aren't bins around or rubbish services.


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