Monday 9 November 2015

Up High ... Again

I've been up in the air again, as if you can't tell by the photos.

I was heading back south again, to Brisbane for the weekend. 
Actually, I was in luck before we took off, and was able to see the Royal Flying Doctors Service plane waiting to take off. 

I hope things weren't too bad at the other end of their trip.

Take off was awesome, with such a great view of the area.

The patchwork of sugar cane fields in different states of growth and harvest was split by roads and creeks.

Before I left home the weather was telling me it was about 30 degrees C with 77% humidity. It was horrid so I was hoping Brisbane didn't have it's humid coat on too. It did, by the way although on walking outside I noticed the lower humidity, it was definitely cooler than what we took off in. 

As we turned we left the land behind and headed over the ocean. I am pretty sure the other side of the plane go a good view of the coast.

Where I got an amazing view of the ocean and Great Barrier Reef. I purposely chose the left hand side of the plane for that reason.

The clouds worked in my favour, enhancing rather than hindering the view.

Now I don't really like the catching the taxi to the airport bit, more because of the booking system and not getting a confirmation that they will be there until they are just up the street than the actual taxi. What I do love is the flying part. I decided though that I wouldn't do well as a pilot or hostess because I'd just want to look at the view.

Green Island
 Looking out the window all the time, although it keeps me occupied when travelling, isn't the best activity for paying attention to what is happening around you.

I'm not sure what the man next to me thought, actually I don't care what he thought. Speaking of row buddies, I swear that economy has gotten even more economic with space.

 Ah well, I kept my elbows to myself while I clicked away. I don't think I did well keeping my oohs and ahhs and wows to myself, but he had headphones on anyway.
The mainland and Fitzroy Island
 As we left the mainland behind we got a closer view of the reef.

Individual reefs stood out in the blue waters.

As I could only see what was through my two windows (I was between two) it was always a bit of a surprise to see what came next.

In some places I could see multipul reefs spreading out in a line, a section of the Great Barrier Reef.

I think this is the best view I've had of the reef from the air. I'd love to see it all the time but that many flights wouldn't go well in any budget. Mr Sparky should go and finish his pilot licence so I can put him and it into good use.

I really do love a good 'birds eye view' of the landscape. Everything looks amazing from up high, even the imperfections.

I'm thinking one of these might need to be blown up for the wall. Time for a photo change in the frames on the wall or maybe a new frame is needed or a canvas for something different. 

My trip back in after a weekend in Brisbane at a meeting for Lone Guides (as in Girl Guides) didn't have this view. Well I am sure it was still there but you can't see it in the dark. Wouldn't it be cool if the reef went all glow in the dark.

On the way back we got the lights though, those that you could see between clouds. The pilot very nicely did a change in flight path to avoid the storms and give us a smooth flight.

The flight down though was nice a smooth and even when there were lots of clouds they were awesome to fly above and between, changing constantly.

Watching the reef from above reminds me that I need to go out and see some more, well some more other than Green Island as that is all I have seen.

Close up or from above, the reef really is spectacular.

So today, back in Cairns, it welcomed me back with a huge hit of energy sucking humidity until a bit of rain came along and broke it. Then it built again and suddenly turned down with the clouds clearing.

I guess our build to storm and wet season has begun. We knew it would hit one day.

The first of November was the official beginning of the Cyclone season after all. They are predicting four this season. I wonder how that will go. Time to clean out the pantry and check I've got a few bits of tinned food. Going by the overfilled look the pantry has, I am pretty sure it'll be right.

The vibrant colours of the reef gave way to interesting clouds as we went further north. And let me tell you I took just as many photos of them.

How was your weekend?
Ever fly somewhere just for the weekend?

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  1. What a great view and wonderful captures. I'm flying to Melbourne on Thursday night. I always seem to do the overnight flights which means there really isn't any view or photo opportunities.

    1. Thanks! I usually fly the early morning or night flights so flighing in the middle of the day this time was something different. Night flights are awesome when you land and take off in the city with all the lights though.

  2. Great pics! We flew from Italy to London in May, over the Swiss Alps. What an amazing sight even from way up in the air, and yes I took photos :-) .

    1. That would be an amazing sight from above. Mountains look so cool from above as the ripple the landscape. Thanks!

  3. I've never had the pleasure of flying over the reef - the furthest north I've ever been is Brisbane. That's why I love your photos Anne - you always show me glimpses of places I never been x

    1. You'll have to head further north at some stage, although I wouldn't advise this time of year because the humitidy is quite disgusting. I'm glad you love seeing my photos and that I am giving you a little adventure from your computer. Thanks.

  4. WOW!!! - such amazing photos, thanks for sharing.... xx

  5. I'd love to fly away for the weekend. Not about to happen any time soon! The reefs are gorgeous, and I love the views from airplane windows. Makes me want to fly out today!

  6. AMAZING pictures of the reef. Don't you just love a window seat! One of these days I hope to get to Queensland. It's on my list! Happy travels and have a great week.


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