Tuesday 29 December 2015

Christmas at my place

Christmas with two is pretty quiet but we still got our Christmas spirit on.

We decorated the house and most importantly, to Mr Sparky, the tree was up and sparkling.

I managed a little Christmas crafting, something that has been planned for years and is now done.

Our city was brightened by poinciana trees in bloom.

To match the inside of our place.

Sweet Christmas time snacks were made for our work places and for some friends.

With rain around for days and days, Christmas Eve saw me out trying to get my Christmas wishes photo of pretty red flowers.

Christmas Eve saw carols on t.v and Mr Sparky working late. Gifts were wrapped and placed under the tree with care.

Christmas day dawned as close to sunny as it had been all week.

There were even other little friends out greeting the day.

The possible Christmas cyclone never came, instead preferring to drag its feet as a tropical low across the top of the Northern Territory. Some in the NT got plenty flooding rain and some way down south had devastating fires. My thoughts were of them this Christmas. 

Gifts were opened and tried out.

A roast chicken meal was cooked with mini pavlovas for dessert that were never eaten.

There were loose plans for visiting others that sleep took the place of instead.
There were phone calls and messages to family and friends.
It might have been quiet but it was a nice day, with just us two, enjoying each others company and relaxing.

How was your Christmas?


  1. Your day looks deliciously calm and mood-inspiring. I worked, I'm in health care, and hubby held down the home front. Our thoughts are with the storm victims here in the Midwest--I have family out that way and it's always disconcerting to see Red on the radar over those we love.

    May 2016 be a good year for you all.

    1. It was a calm day. I am sure that those you looked after very much appreciated your company over Christmas. We've seen a bit about the storms in the news here, horrible.
      I wish you a wonderful 2016!

  2. You didn't eat the pavs?! Sacrilege!! lol Love your crafting and kinda jealous you have poinsettias about to admire :)

    1. Let me confirm that they were eaten ... just not that day. Merangue is a favourite of Mr Sparky so there was no way they would be wasted. Unfortunately, despite what it looks like, the poinciana trees were pretty much done, with flowers downed by the days of rain. It was a pitty as they never really got the impressive show time. There are still some flowering on in dribs and drabs though. By the way, next time I make bunting remind me to take the easy road and use pinking shears.


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