Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Cloud Topped Mountains and a City by the Sea

To say things are a little damp here in the Far North is probably a bit of an understatement.
My backyard has turned into a water overloaded sponge and the creek overflow or wetland out the back is starting to fill. We are up to 4 or 5 days straight of rain. The Bureau of Meteorology says we have had about 72mm of rain in Cairns in the last 24 hours and it is raining more today. It does however very much depends exactly where you live how much rain there has been.

The best part about this weather system that spreads across the Northern Territory and Queensland, slowly working south, is that it is getting some areas that very much need rain in drought declared areas. Some are watching dams fill that have been empty for months and rivers flow that have been dry for longer than anyone wants to remember. Others are still waiting their turn.

The Station, where I used to work on finally got rain. They watched their house dam fill in a day meaning the job of carting water to use in the house, that has been a necessity for 2mths+, doesn't need to be done for a while now. I can only imagine the excitement and relief that this rain has brought with it. I recall that feeling from when I first moved there and rain arrived just as we were on last reserves at the beginning of my first full year. It is just the beginning of what is needed and hopefully of what is to come.

Because of this I am not complaining about our days and days on end of rain and grey skies. A sunny day would be nice though, it will come.

Yesterday morning I went for a bit of a drive. It wasn't raining and I wanted to get photos of the low clouds on the mountains. It is still something that amazes me.

The clouds were trying to clear so I kept heading around to what I've decided to name First Beach. I wanted to see more clouds on top of mountains, to see the city from the other side and to enjoy a quiet moment outdoors while it wasn't raining.

I got everything I wanted with clouds, a clear view to the city and blue coming through.

Nothing stops for the weather or holidays when it comes to tourism, and this is a city that very much runs on tourism. The boats were still heading out to the reef.

We've had a few mornings where the weather has briefly tried to clear and this was the closest yet. The sun when it was out was hot and burn-ey and the weather competition was heating up the humidity. The rain won out again eventually with is starting to pour yesterday afternoon and raining pretty much non stop since then.

I wasn't the only one out on the beach with a man trying his luck with his net.

Wandering the small beach and taking photos made me feel it was really holiday time, Summer holidays. I backed up that feeling with an afternoon movie while it rained outside. Unfortunately that bubble was busted when I had to go to work that evening. Pity about the need for money for food and such.

It was interesting watching the changing sky while on the beach. I do love the look of showers coming in over the mountains.

It was also pretty cool how clearly I could see Yorkeys Knob, houses and all, poking out into the sea with Double Island a bit off the end.

What a way to relax.

Over the last few days Mr Sparky and I have been talking about and dreaming up plans for the future. It has been so nice to have that time over the long weekend. Some plans are definite and some need to be decided on.

Some things we might just leave to go with the flow though and see what happens. Planning out every detail of life doesn't seem to work that well but sometimes that ship needs a bit of steering.

Have you been thinking on the next year to come?

I find quiet times like this, help me to think on things and to reflect and dream.

Once I thought I'd been in the sun long enough I headed back home but not before stopping for some more roadside photos of the city.

Also stopping for the lines in the sugar cane.

I believe the harvest is finished, they really got a move on for the end.

So even though paddocks of cane are at varying heights, it is all for next year's harvest. It will all start again in less than 12 months.

I find it interesting watching the paddocks change through the season. Also the lines in the cane fields are always something that draws my eye.

 I'm loving this post Christmas quietness while we look to the start of another year.
I am hoping to see the New Years Eve fireworks but am wondering whether they will even be on. New Years Day, well night, I have to work and Mr Sparky is on call so there won't be anything too exciting happening here. 
Do you have any New Years plans?
Are you amazed that the end of the year is nearly here already, like I am?

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  1. The clouds give the mountains a snow capped look!

    1. I thought that too. I can almost pretend it is a wintery view if I take away the warmth, humidity and monsoonal rain.

  2. your words sing,
    deep view of life.

  3. Totally lovely photos. - Wishing you a Happy New Year.


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