Monday, 14 December 2015


The city was glowing last night.

We headed up to the Copperlode Dam lookout last night and the city had turned on some magic with sparkling and glowing lights. You could even spot people's Christmas lights from afar, adding extra lights and colour.

Way in the distance, along the coast, we could spot the top of the casino and a cruise ship in port.

It was so nice up there with a cool breeze but you could see the humidity reflecting the lights. 

It was a pretty popular idea to head up to the lookout last night. Not only was Mr Sparky there, who I managed to drag up the hill again, but so were many families who came up for the view.
To see the view of the fireworks that heralded the end of the city Carols by Candlelight. 
Mind you fireworks that were meant to be on at 8:30pm didn't start until after 9pm. Gotta love things running on 'Cairns time'.

It is things like this that get my Christmas excitement going. That little fuzz of Christmas excitement that starts small and fills your body with joy and happiness.

It was a great view, although a long way from the fireworks.

It was unforgettable too, not for the fireworks but because of that family beside us whose child had the need to empty the contents of their stomach and then had the very strong need to describe the contents while waiting for the fire works. Gotta love kids. It turns out they had been into the choc chip biccies.

I hope that little story didn't turn you off your food.

Other than that it was a perfect way to spend the evening.

I am still swinging up and down in my feelings about another Christmas away from family but this, this kind of thing helps a little with the cheer part of the season.

Do you love fireworks?
What brings you Christmas cheer?

Neither of us are even slightly organised Christmas wise and have yet to decide what to do. I guess we better decide on that soon. 
Don't you just love the repeated question 'what do you want for Christmas?' It is like a broken record.

We haven't really made any Christmas traditions together yet but that will come with time.
What are some traditions you have?

 Oh, my pet photo stint has lead to assisting with Santa photos close to where I live in the lead up to Christmas. I am excitied to have something else to do. I think I'm just printing photos but that is still fun.

I hope you are finding joy and cheer this silly season ... and a little bit of glow and sparkle.

Cairns from the lookout at night and during the day.

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  1. I love fireworks and christmas carols and christmas lights. I had to chuckle when I read about the child who threw up and then shared what they had eaten in excruciating detail - my kids do that too!

    1. I love them all as well, particuarly singing along with Christmas carols at the carols or watching the ones on t.v.
      I know, what is with kids and that. The Mum kept saying 'that's enough, be quiet, we don't want to know' but the kid just kept on going. I swear they all do it.

  2. I LOVE fireworks and love your pics!

    1. Thank you so much! Fireworks are just so amazing to watch.

  3. Awesome views. I should go up to our local lookout. It's a way out of town, so probably not much to see. Worth a look at night though!

  4. Good set of photos! I'm kind of ambivalent about fireworks. They scare animals!

  5. Before we moved from the mountains of New Mexico to Florida 11 years ago, our Christmas meant 10 evenings of trudging through the snow to sing and visit homes and chapels in the small surrounding villages. The cold made our guitars get out of tune but it mattered little. Now we have a much more civilized (and warmenr) but not near as exciting a time with our choir performances.


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