Thursday, 10 March 2016

Strong Women and a Sunset

There is a quote that goes around, particularly at this time of year.
'Strong women ... May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.' unknown
 I have a feeling I come from a long line of strong women. My mother is one, my Grandmother is one and my Great Grandmother certainly was one. I hope that I am one too.

This week we celebrate International Women's Day. We celebrate what it is and should be to be a women today. We celebrate the women around us and their achievements. We celebrate empowering women to be the best versions of themselves. We celebrate change and what the future will bring.

While I was away, gate crashing the family beach holiday, I got to have some quality time with some of the biggest female influences on my life; my Mother, Grandmother, Aunt and Sister. 

On the first evening my brother ditched us, as 15yr olds tend to want to do, so my Mum and I got some rare mummy daughter time as we wandered the beach and boardwalk before dinner. We have a pretty good relationship, I think, more than pretty good. I don't even think I went through that 'I hate my mother' teenage thing.

 We have a pretty 'girl power' kind of immediate family. My siblings are all female except for poor Bro S. He has put up with a lot over his 15 years and mostly loved every minute of it.

We were raised to be strong, independent, capable girls, women these days, by a strong, capable, independent woman. We were also taught that is it okay to need help and to ask for it. We were encouraged to follow dreams, to try our best and to be anything we wanted to be. We were taught to accept ourselves for who we are and to have respect for ourselves and others.

These things are probably the best gifts our mother could have given, these and unconditional love. They are what I hope to one day pass on to our girls, our children.

 We are, I am, lucky to have grown up in a society that pretty much accepts the strength of women along with our abilities.

These days I think I can confidently say that Mum and I are not only mother and daughter but friends. It would be so nice if we saw each other more often but when we do, it is certainly enjoyed.

Mum also puts up with a lot from all of us, including her eldest daughter nicking off on photo walks or even better, tagging along and putting up with her constant photo stops.

Another thing we grew up with was Girl Guides. That is an organisation in itself that encourages the girls can do anything attitude.

I am still a part of Girl Guides, as a leader, and love the ideals that it is based around. I also love the fact that it gives a safe place for girls to grow and try new things.

So to all the strong women who have shone on my life so far, thank you.

When I was away with my female strong family (Mum, Granny, Sis C, nieces Miss E and Miss A, Aunty B along with Grandad, Uncle J and for a short time Sis C's hubby) we were staying at the Sunshine Coast.

Kings Beach, Caloundra has been the family beach holiday destination for quite a few years.

One thing I have become much more appreciative of in recent years is the sunset over the Glass House Mountains from the rocks or board walk between Kings Beach and Bulcock Beach. Who can resist a beach sunset walk?

It is also a popular place with kite surfers and people fishing.

There is always something to look at.

I thought it was about time I shared a bit from my holiday after teasing you with flight photos and then getting sidetracked with other things, people and places.

I haven't seen much of sunrise and sunset since then, actually. At the moment they tend to be the cloudy part of the day or I am having to head to work.

I noticed this morning that the days are certainly seeming shorter. Maybe it was just the clouds but at 6am this morning it wasn't that bright.

I guess that means that we are slowly creeping towards the cooler months or in our case, not needing air conditioning to sleep and sometimes deal with the day. Last week we even had a few comfortable nights where the fan was enough.

I hope you have a great end to the week.

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  1. what wonderful beach scenes...this beach bum is in love!

  2. Gorgeous beach scenes and incredible skies. I would like to be a beach bum :) Thanks for visiting. You have a great blog.

    1. Thanks! I love being a beach bum but think time away from the beach makes me appreciate it more. Thank you for coming by.

  3. Amazing sky shots! Sounds like your Mother firmly grounded you + your siblings whilst giving you strong wings to soar!

    1. Thank you! I think she did too. She misses having us all around but sees it as a success that we can all live indepenently.

  4. I love the sky scenes and I definitely want to be at that beach! Come and see my beaches also. I like the photos and enjoy reading your blog.
    I am a new follower of your beautiful blog

    1. Thank you! I love this beach and the holidays we have had there. Welcome aboard.

  5. I like this quote. There is still quite a lot for women to achieve to claim their place in this crazy world.

    1. Yes, there is a lot for women to achieve but it is also good to realise what has been achieved. Thanks for looking in.

  6. Gorgeous skies! I come from a line of strong women too. Some may have overdone it... one of my great-grandmothers was so intimidating, her children avoided her!

    1. Sometimes I am pretty sure we all go through moments where we overdo it, some more than others. We all know one of those super intimidating people. Thank you.

  7. You are lucky to have so many wonderful female influences in your life Anne. Beautiful photos too, as always x

    1. I know I am lucky in the family I have, and the love that we share. It is so good to be adult enough to appreciate them. Thank you.

  8. Beautiful shots, love the black and white ones #blackandwhitewednesdays

  9. Thanks for dropping by my site i was directed here! Certainly, those are lovely shots, and yes i am a strong woman too. My mother is 86 yrs old and being strong literally sometimes get me mad, like thinking maybe that she is still strong and can't be swayed from doing things only done by the younger ones. She is very hard-headed and doesnt take advice from us, not even scolding. And what gets annoying most of the time is always teaching us of what to do even of the very simple details. How lovely if we can take her just like as what you take your olds.


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