Thursday, 15 September 2016

A Big One

We've had a birthday in our house this week, a big one.

The big 30.

It wasn't mine (thank goodness, not ready for that just yet). 

Mr Sparky has now left the 20s and entered the new world of the 30s.

As he said 'so much has happened in his life in the last few years, so much has changed'. I dare say more changes will happen over the coming years. He wouldn't be living life if there weren't.
I did assure him in his Birthday card that he was just becoming a 'classic'.

We did discuss a few weeks ago how old 30 seemed when we were kids. Now, it doesn't seem that old after all, I guess.

I ended up working on his birthday, both day and night, so he had a pretty quiet day. I was home early enough to finish off the very important choc mint Birthday cake and to cook him the steak and chips requested for dinner. 

 Nothing all that exciting for his 30th it seems. 

I think he has 'going out' plans for this weekend, with mates. 


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