Sunday, 18 September 2016

In my Garden

It was a gorgeous day outside today, blue sky, I just wasn't spending much time in that hot sun.
This evening, when I wanted to go out and watch the sunset, it had clouded over.
This morning I had a wander around our garden to see what I could see. It didn't take long, it isn't a very big garden, you know.
I did find some pretties and thinks growing. I also found some tomatoes that something has helped itself to, yet again.

The first of Mr Sparky's hippeastrums has opened

The eggplant is flowering, yet again.

Cherries are growing on the brazillian cherry tree.

The basil is going gangbusters.

Tomatoes are struggling through the heat of the day.

More flowers are coming on, on the pawpaws

The next fortnight is looking to be a crazy one with vacation care and night work.

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