Thursday, 1 September 2016

Parading at Cairns Festival

This weekend just gone was the start of the Cairns Festival.
I had kind of been hoping I'd be able to make it to the parade and, of cause, the fireworks.

Now the one problem with going to these things is that unless you rock up hours and hours early you have to park half a world away.

The good thing about that is that you never know what you'll see along the way.

Sooo many people had converged on the Esplanade for the parade and following fireworks.

I certainly didn't have the best view but it was still fun to watch along. Lots of colour and sound and some pretty entertaining floats got everyone joining in.

As night came and the parade finished the crowd moved in a wave to the waterfront, looking for good spots to watch the fireworks. 

Amazingly the fireworks started on time! Not something that often happens in my experience here.
They were certainly worth the wait too.

I just love fireworks! How about you?
Then it was time for the trek back to the car. It had been a bit nippy waiting down on the Esplanade so the walk was good for a warm up, I guess.

I am hoping to get to some other things but I'll see what happens. This week is pretty busy work wise.


  1. I love fireworks, I think they bring out the kid in everyone.

  2. Cairns is on my wish list to visit one day soon. I have a dear old friend that lives there and I would love to surprise him. Mind you it is such a long way, it would be my luck I would arrive and he would be off traveling.

  3. Beautiful! I would love to travel to Cairns with my whole family. I have only ever been to Port Douglas with my husband on our honeymoon, and I'd love to go back to that area one day..

  4. Oh wow! I am glad you got to go. I haven't been to Cairns (i love the area!) since 2010 so it was good to see your post. Fireworks are still amazing no matter how old we are!!

  5. This looks so much fun! We have fireworks once a year here, at the show, so exciting especially for the kids:) Love those pelicans, such a beautiful area where you live :)

  6. Stunning photos - looks like you had a great time Anne!

  7. good to see lots of people out and about having fun - and good to see you have put some fireworks photos to good use - my kids make me take fireworks photos every new years eve and they just stay on the iphone never to be looked at again while in the meantime i just miss the show.


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