Sunday, 11 September 2011

Best News

I haven't written a new post in a while so there is a bit to cover ... or I could just skip to the best bit. Now that sounds like a good idea to me.
So here goes ... tomorrow is the BIG DAY, the first day in our new schoolroom. Finally after waiting nearly 2 years the kids and I finally have a new school room with space and storage WOOHOO!

The outside doesn't look much different to this ... still needs a bit of work.
After moving most of the stuff from the old schoolroom over yesterday and Friday I am amazed at how much we managed to fit in our tiny little room (which by the way doesn't look anywhere near as tiny now that all that stuff and the desks has been moved out).

This boss tried out the blackboard.

A bit messy while moving.
Our old schoolroom was a small room off the kitchen in the main house. It had a walkway through it into the house and a servery that went into the kitchen = constant distractions. I don't know what I will do though when all the kids are working independently because now the boss won't be there to chat to. She doesn't know what she'll do either without me distracting her and with all the quiet.

The cupboards.

The shelves were for the computers

I am sure we will rearrange everything a few times until we work out what works best.

Now I am just waiting on the quarters. I think I have a bit of waiting left. Now back to moving in.


  1. Wow that looks fantastic. Our schoolroom is an old cabin like at a caravan park. It is good, but isn't entirely waterproof and now has a dead mouse "somewhere", that we can't quite locate. :(

  2. Hi Yvonne, Thanks. Our old schoolroom was a bit smelly like that ... solution we moved to the new one so we finally found that dead mouse ewww. Unfortunately it had eaten through the paint shirts we didn't use anyway.
    I am lucky, I think our old room fits into the free space down the middle of the new one and with 4 kids it was just a little crowded (I just paced it to check and it does ... with space left over). Have fun mouse hunting :S


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