Friday, 2 September 2011

Fun Friday

Ahh Friday ... and as the kids conveniently remembered it was FUN FRIDAY today. They can't remember their jobs or to brush their hair but they can, without fail, remember which Friday is Fun Friday.Today was one of my lesser inspired Fun Fridays. In other words I flew by the seat of my pants ... but wait a minute I do that all the time ... hmmm.

A picnic smoko with yummy piklets.
We do Fun Friday once a fortnight as a kind of celebration for finishing the unit the kids are working on and for them working well during it. However it seems that somewhere along the track out Fun Fridays have come unstuck from the end of the unit. We do a bit of school in the morning, all depending on how much needs to be done then after that we break out the fun, or what I hope is fun (not that we don't have fun the rest of the time). In the past we have had a Roman Day, Spotty Day, Aztec Day, a trip to Kops in Kilts, a Science Day, Fairytale Day and more I have forgotten.

Scavenger hunt goodies.
Today didn't have a theme, in fact I made it up as the day went along, but we had a picnic morning tea, made stress balls, had a scavenger hunt race, had an egg and spoon race using the stress balls as well as having other races such as a horse race using the first thing they could find to use as a horse (we had a blanket, a small stick, a tennis racket and a croquet mallet) and crab race, which was the kids particular favourite. So there you go it just adopted itself the name of Children's Picnic Race Day. It did have a theme after all, I just didn't know it.

Crab races ... they were on a collision course
Impromptu horse race
'Egg' and spoon race.
Shh don't tell the kids but the next one in planning (yes, I said planning) is an Antarctic/Arctic Day. I guess I'll let you know how it goes.

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