Monday, 5 September 2011

Mud, Oranges and Willie Wagtails

I am sitting here, with a Willie Wagtail flying in the rafters above me and the residue of mud from the house dam drying on my feet, thinking that what was a so called ordinary day has gotten a little interesting this afternoon.

'Mud! Dam! Its not that far into spring, has she lost her marbles?' You are all thinking it, I know. It is possible that I have (lost my marbles that is, if I had any to start with) but you can't choose when the pipe for the windmill will decide to embed itself in the muddy shore of the dam. After no water running into the tank all day boss lady 1 and I decided to check out the situation down at the dam. Just as suspected the wind had blown the pipe up to the bank so the windmill was effectively pumping air. Not so useful for showers I can tell you. Being the hobo that I am, sloshing down there in my boots that I had hurriedly put on because shoes just aren't my style, I was volunteered (ok, so I volunteered myself) to get my feet wet to move the pipe back out a bit. That water wasn't as cold as I thought it would be but don't count me in for swimming just yet. I have the feeling however that we might be heading down there again tomorrow because that sneaky snake of a pipe was slowly heading back in with the wind.

The water pipe in the dam ... the end is where the milk bottles are.

The kids decided to put on a show for us at lunch time today ... one of their lovely, completely unrehearsed ad lib shows that involved jumping on the trampoline, singing and playing air guitar and pot drums. You gotta love 'em. I don't think I know anyone with as many talents as they have. It was such a pity that it was time for school to start again ;). They even made us a yummy after show sand cake with mud punch ... yummy!
The feast the kids made for us.

My first coffee cake ... sorry kids this one wins

The kids showing off their talents

Today was a same old same old kinda day in the schoolroom. Our usually busy Monday with so many overlaps and swap overs for on airs that the morning speeds by. The Mr and Miss in year 3 have just started more work on area and are having to write an autobiography ... hard work when you are 8. Miss in year 6 is working away on a unit on Antarctica. She has till the end of term to get it done so we are in no hurry whatsoever. Mr Preppy constructed a truck with cardboard boxes complete with "the chimney thing that blows out the smoke and lights". 

Mr Preppy and his truck

Mr Preppy writing on air today

This afternoon the kids were given the job of chucking the oranges that were on the ground over the fence. I know sounds like a waste but we just haven't been able to keep up and the tree is flowering again. The goats have been enjoying them anyway. While on their mission the kids came up with the idea of using a spoon from the sandpit to catapult the oranges over the fence. I tell you there is nothing like kids inventiveness. They always seem to make themselves some fun ... well until it gets old anyway. That was when they come up asking if they can do the rest tomorrow ... haha I don't think so.

Orange Catapult

And now to address the Willie Wagtail ... well he decided to take up residence in my room today and roused at me every time I came in. You got it wrong Mr Willie Wagtail. It's MY room.

A beautiful end to the day.

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  1. Beautiful sunset. Will wagtails and the funnest birds when they are getting organised to nest. They get so put out by people in their way.

    Also love the picture of the computer desk with Mr Preppy. It look as busy as mine does.


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