Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sight Word Idea

Sight words ... the bane of our lives and something that I am constantly looking for more ideas for because the kids get bored. However, despite that their favourite activity is still jumping on the words written on the cement but I do like a bit of variety.

I am not sure about in 'real' school but in distance ed preps are given a list of sight words to learn (those words that you just need to know for successful reading).

On air one day Mr Prep's teacher did an activity where they had to look at the sight word and then move the letters onto the pegs on a picture of a clothes line ... so I decided to make the same thing.

 So now we have a pile of laminated letters and some cool pegs on string from Crazy Clarks. Mr Prep can then sit down on the floor and copy words from his sight word book. Sometime I choose the word for him to find and make and sometimes he chooses the word and tells me what it is.


  1. I love the peg idea, the sight words were the bane of my life too for my girls. With the youngest not having a successful year 1 in a conventional school, we had alllll the sight words on one freezer and over the Christmas hols (with the help of Nan), when she learnt one word, she could move it over to the other freezer right next to it. It seemed like a slow never ending process but it happened and it happened successfully, but I love the idea of the pegs.

  2. Hi Yvonne,
    I love your freezer idea. We also write/ copy the words onto the blackboard which is Mr Preps favourite at the moment. We also colour the words in his word book, write them with fancy letters, find them in books or magazines where they can be highlighted as well as the more conventional sight word cards. I have also in the past, for the two in yr3 now, done up a powerpoint with the words on it so the kids can click through and say the words. I like to use lots of different ideas so they get used to seeing the words in different places and different ways.

  3. I have just started distance ed with my boys yr 3 & 4. I like this idea of the clothes line too. A change to black/white boards.

    Thanks for your ideas.

  4. Hi Maria, no problems ... I love to get new ideas from others as well. Our new school work seems to have plenty of ideas in it to try out that is for sure like writing all the list words in a continuous spiral or in fancy writing. I should put up the ones the kids enjoy so stay posted. Thanks


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