Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Puddles and Storm Clouds

What a way to end the day, with some much anticipated rain. After a week of humidity and watching storms go around we finally got lucky. Yesterday we thought we had it in the hat when the rain hit the hills but it was a no show, however today ... well today it came much to everyones' relief. So the kids went off to play in the puddles and well I had to tag along. It turned out to be a great end to what started off as a so so kinda day.

Today was one of THOSE days. We had teachers complaining about the noise happening next door, as they were working on the quarters. I had kids who couldn't hear me and their teachers during on airs because of the grinding and sawing happening on the veranda. We had the computer shut down in the middle of on air because of the sawing and then again when I just got it set up again. We had the continual Internet drop outs during on air. Lets just say that the heat, humidity, the demanding needs of the four cherubs and our technical difficulties combined left me with no option but to chuck a very ungrownup tantrum and tell those working next door that the consequences of my power being cut again would not be pretty (not quite as nicely as that) have a bit of a meltdown. I think they got the point, didn't stop them though. As frustrated as we all were in the schoolroom, the kids were very patient and we got there in the end. After all that though I am extremely grateful for the work happening on the quarters and they are looking GREAT!

Other than the melt down there is nothing but good to report. The kids worked really hard today and what brilliant work they produced (maybe I am biased though). After lunch we went back and finished off with CLC, which has been renamed something I can never remember, and then we had some fun with the chicken dance and hokey pokey. Then this afternoon it rained, it poured so some fun in the puddles with the kids and a shower under the tank was just perfect for washing all my troubles away.

I have decided this year to make sure we do something most afternoons of the week, it could be called bribery for the kids to get school work done. Our units are 5 weeks long so our fortnightly  Fun Fridays are now void as they were a reward for finishing the unit on time. We will do something at the end of each unit still but who knows what other fun will happen. So meanwhile my ideas are for a Munchy Monday with cooking, Tuneful Tuesday with something musical and well that's where I get stuck but there will be art, science activities and games as well.

Just remember after the storm clouds there is always sunshine and sometimes even a rainbow.

The horses playing in the rain.

Making sandcastles ... the dogs were having a go as well :)

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