Friday, 3 February 2012

The Rainbow and the Dancing Pig

Sunrise on Wednesday morning.

This was written late on Thursday night, OK so I just couldn't be bothered altering my grammar ;)

As I sit here listening to the rain hammering down on the tin roof, thinking about how lovely it will be to fall asleep to the sound of a wet season that has finally arrived, I thought it was as good a time as any to blog away.

This afternoon, before we had a shower of rain, there was a full rainbow filling the sky. Now that is a sure reminder to appreciate the beauty around us.

Dancing pig you ask ... yes I know unbelievable but today I witnessed a pig dancing in the rain and playing in the puddles.

The little, black pig was twirling, jumping and flipping in the mud.
And now for some school news ...

Today Mr E got to learn about counting $1 and $2 coins. The clever chicken even managed to count how much money there was in $2 coins. After yesterdays coin examining today was much more fun and challenging.

He also got to try out adding using bears and did his first ever look, say, cover, write, check for spelling. I think he really enjoyed the thinking challenges today and seems to be settling into year 1 well, even if attention wanders quite a lot. Most of all however he loved a learning object he got to do today where he had to add descriptive words about things on the farm. Now that had him in fits of giggles.

Miss E and Mr R are pretty settled into into year 4 but finding the work load a little overwhelming on occasion. They both love the increase in computer use but are pretty sick of filling in poetry analysis sheets, not that I blame them after filling one out every day for 2 weeks. Otherwise I think they also are enjoying they challenges of their new work. They have been working pretty independently as well which has me highly impressed. All my insistence of doing it themselves for the last two years is paying off but dare I say it, this means I actually had time to stare at the wall and think 'what now?' when all where working well (and using the computers so I couldn't even catch up on all that scanning I need to do).

Miss S is having a love hate relationship with her school work. Her maths at the moment is taking a lot of time hence the hate but she also will admit to loving the challenges. Yr 7 along with the other year levels are using quite high level language in the work to be read and the questions asked. When Miss S is having problems it is usually because she doesn't understand the question rather than not understanding the concept. She is really enjoying having her reign with descriptive language in her English work. Unfortunately we have been unable to get her science to work so have yet to try it out properly.

On Wednesday afternoon we got out the craft stuff so that Miss E, Miss S and Mr T could be creative.

Mr E and Mr R deserted us to give the men's work a go, digging the sewage pit for the quarters. They thought they were just it and did a great job.

After creating an artwork with "four" stars on it Mr T had a ball cutting up a piece of paper into confetti like pieces. I now know who to call on now if I need anything shredded.

As of today the quarters are now getting railings on the veranda, have furniture in the bedroom and have the splash backs and shower grouted. All doorways are now finished and the corners have been put on the outside walls. It is looking GREAT! So close :)

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