Monday 16 April 2012

Helping Hands

Sometimes it is hard to admit you need help. Well I know it is for me. I have found the start of this year particularly challenging juggling four children of which two are no longer independent with the new work expectations and another requires nearly one on one attention as he is in yr 1 (only to be expected).

After being away for the last two weeks of 1st term and the two Mums doing school I seem to have found myself some helping hands, very persistent ones who assure me that while they are happy with what I have been doing they have no idea how I did it and have rostered themselves on as schoolroom helpers on alternate days. I have to say though that our first day back was a cruise, stress free and fun. I even had nothing to do at points in time.

We will have to work out a routine to fit in the new helping hands and to keep the day running smoothly and so I don't end up with nothing much to do. The help was wonderful I have to say. Why didn't I ask for it earlier. It is ok to need help.

'Elephants' in the schoolroom ... what a zoo!

It is good to be easing back into my term time routine (ok, so jumping straight in with both feet) but after travelling, a lot of sorting and cleaning, getting back onto my bike and school today I am finding weariness has pounced on me while I have been sitting still. No wonder so many kids fall asleep at the dinner table.


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