Sunday 15 April 2012

Hi Ho, Hi Ho ...

... its back to work I go.

Today has been my first day back at the station in about a month and a busy day it has been. I think I am now ready for school tomorrow and am up to date on the house work front YAY!

I got back last night and I have to say that after a month away I kinda forgot about the holes in the road either that or there are new ones. When driving dirt roads even though it is travelling a road less travelled it is always wiser to follow the tracks of those that have been before.

The trip back was very interesting (good thing cause I needed something other than matchsticks to keep my eyes open) with the sighting of many stubborn cows unwilling to give up their patch of road, a few roos one of which may have made contact with my car and is now probably limping around rubbing its rump, two dingos, many birds, wattle coming into flower and a beautiful sunset. Unfortunately there were those few holes and cracks in the road that I didn't see until too late resulting in a bit rougher than needed trip ... sorry car, sorry head. I did however remember some of the major ones which I am glad to inform you have not moved location.

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