Thursday 19 April 2012

Playdough Cooking

Just a bit of proof of the fun you can have with playdough, the places it can take you, the things that you can do with it, the food it can be. Imaginative play is a wonderful thing and flour, cream of tartar, oil, water and a bit fo food colouring mixed together into a squishy lump can be a great tool for it.

Mr E (yr1) Mr T (3)

"Pizza! Magnifica!"
"That's what chefs say you know" he says as he tosses his flattened piece of red playdough in the air.
"Oink, oink, baby piggy"

"Not this is not for pigs!" :(
"Pizza! Magnifico!"
"I'm having pizza for lunch you know" real pizza? "Yes"
"Let's cut it up for everyone" what shape are your pieces of pizza? "Triangles"


"I'm Mr cookie maker, I'm Mr cookie maker" he sings to himself
"Look I made-a cookie"
"Yum! munch, munch munch"
"Two cookies"
"That's a double cookie"


"That's his tail"
"Its a wiggle worm"
"I'm gonna make a wiggle worm again"
"What's that, a carrot?"
"No its a sausage"
"Ah look there's a wiggle worm in his kitchen"
"Ooo it ate the knife"
"No it didn't"
"Look he's cutting up the wiggle worm, he's cutting up the Mum, next it will be Dad"
"He's hiding his place"


"I'm gonna make a spider" in a scary voice
"Ew I hate spiders"
"I'm gonna make a bad spider" in deep scary voice
"Did I hear someone was making a bad spider?"
"Just good for my spider smush"

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