Monday 30 April 2012

Rain ... again

We've had rain ... again.
This time it put a bit of a dampener on a fair few plans like the kid's cluster on Friday ... cancelled, like the show I was going to down home ... flights and buses had to be cancelled, like the mustering and fencing that needs done ... cancelled for the foreseeable future, like the mail run ... cancelled until further notice. There were a few frowns and people not in the best of moods around the place but with rainy weather keeping all inside we kinda did school anyway, well we did this ...

playing playdough

playing time snap ... hmm bit too much like schoolwork that one

building towers

playing number games ... no hang on that was school work.

playing trains

doing some school work ... woops we did actually do a bit of that.

Making playdough cup cakes

while outside it looked like this

bit wet

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