Tuesday, 12 November 2013

About the Road

Now don't you just love these signs?
Why doesn't my car do this?
I want a car that can do crossovers or is it a grapevine.

On the weekend I did a quick trip to the Atherton Tablelands, to The Dairy Farm, to spend a very short amount of time with Mr Sparky who is having some holidays. Lucky him!
Now it seems road works are the flavour of the month, hence the above sign. There were so many I lot count while day dreaming at a stop light. 
It also seems that idiot drivers were the flavour of the trip.

On the way up the Gillies Range, through and just after road works that were being worked on, there was the motorbike duo, hmm maybe I should call them B1 and B2. As a side not I have mentioned the Gillies a while ago here and I am sure in other places. I watched B1 and B2 overtake, myself included, 6 vehicles despite double lines and the windy, low visibility road we were on that has some bends that are pretty much the equivalent of a u-turn. So that is idiot 1 and 2 covered. We, meaning me and the 5 other cars, caught up to another car and there was not a bike in sight. I wonder how many they ended up going past. I am not a violent person but honestly if anything happened to B1 & B2 the had it coming.

Now for the trip back. This was also a Gillies adventure. It seems to me this road brings out the WORST drivers and I'm not going to profess to be perfect but wow some of them are disastrously bad drivers. First we had the Ridiculously Overzealous Pauser or ROP according to the number plate. Now ROP was a JEEP no less, come on don't they advertise those things like everyone should want it as a dream car. Ha well this one needed to go back on training wheels. Now ROP was named because well ROP dwardled its way down the hill and wouldn't pull over and sped up when anyone could overtake which is few and far between on this hellish road. So maybe I am over reacting to the Rediculously Overzealous Pauser, maybe they just weren't sure of the road but really road edicate says pull over if there is a line up behind you. What annoyed me the most about ROP though was that it ruined my rhythm on the bends, sounds crazy but parts of the Gillies have a nice rhythm when you get the speed and angle right and well that just makes it fun, like super sized car dancing. Okay so I can get over the ROPs on the road, sometimes it takes a few runs to get used to a road.

My second encounter was in front of ROP and fit in the same category however ROP couldn't even keep up with it. It was the Cruising Yobbo Linesters or CYL according to the number plate. Now these type are the WORST on the Gillies and not just mid sized vehicles just like CYL are offenders so are motorbikes and trucks. Now what is CYL's offense, well it is line crossing. You know those lines they put in the middle of the road that say this side is going this way, that side is going that way. So CYL couldn't see the lines and proceeded, despite not being all that fast, to use the middle of the road around almost every corner, most of which are blind. Can you imagine how much you would s*#t yourself if another vehicle appeared around a tight corner barreling down the middle of the road at you and there is no space to move over, it is freaky I can tell you. I make a point and am quite proud of the fact that I can manage not to be one of those linesters or line crossers. Sitting behind them, especially the trucks is scary enough (mind you I think for some of those trucks it is all they can do to not hit the cliff of rocks beside them) let alone meeting them coming the other way.

So that was part of my driving adventure on the weekend. What driving adventures have you had recently? What are your hates on the road? Do you make up names for cars or phrases with number plate letters?

More posts with photos coming soon.

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  1. Your not the only one who makes up names from the number plates. We used to do it quite a bit when I was growing up and some of them a bit rude! Some driver do make me shake my head, especially ones that slow down and speed up, haven't they heard of cruise control.

  2. Living in the country requires a lot of driving sometimes. I hate the tailgaters. Up your backside or someone else's doing crazy speeds. I might join in your game next time and make up names for their plates ... very clever.

  3. Our dirt roads are so bad at the moment that people drive in the middle, not good when you turn a corner and there they are. Love the license plate game :) Cheers Tanya

  4. Hi Alicia, the making up names or phrases according to the numberplate letters was something we also did as kids on long trips. Yet another brilliant car entertainment game. I hate those slow down and speed up ones. It would be okay if they slowed down when you could overtake.

  5. Hi Jacana, I think everyone hate tailgaters. There are so many bad driving habits out there. Now there is an idea, put up a number plate and see how many different names or word combinations we can get ... hmmm might do that. Be a good thinking game or brain warm up in school as well.

  6. Hi Tanya, driving in the middle of dirt roads or country roads is pretty common, I know I definitely am an offender on dirt roads although I do try to stick to one side when I can't see but well the middle is the best part. Yes I have had my scares from this driving behaviour but most times the middle is safer. The middle on what is a fairly main road however is not safe ;).


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