Friday, 29 November 2013


I love seeing Brolgas around on the Tablelands. It takes me back to Western Queensland and the excitement of seeing a small family. Of enjoying watching the red capped heads and grey bodies casually move around the landscape. Now any farmer on the Tablelands will complain about how much of a pest they can be. They flock to paddocks in their hundreds and feast on corn or seed, a dinner party they think has been put on for them. Dispite this I still love seeing them and the novelty of see so many well that is something I appreciate.

At them moment the brolgas are usually seen in freshly harvested, disked or ploughed paddocks. They are having a lovely time feasting on what nature brings them, well what the farmer's work brings them.




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  1. Great post, is good to see cranes, fortunately seem protection to be working.

  2. you stumped me for a while. I had never heard of Brolgas.... however have just googled the answer.

    Lovely post, a new bird for me and thanks for sharing.

  3. We get the odd Brolga down this way.
    Have not seen one in a long time though.

  4. Wonderful shots. Those cranes are having great time.

  5. lvoe the landscape and the cranes.

  6. Splendid birds - we get a few in Victoria. I made the family pull over by the side of the road so I could see my first ones!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne.


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