Tuesday 26 November 2013

Tranquil Views

 One lovely morning last week I decided to check out yet another beach North of Cairns however I got a little sidetracked along the way by water lilies in flower at the Centenary Lakes. They are oh so pretty and tranquil looking that I had to stop even though, it turned out, it wasn't the best weather for taking photos of white flowers. They certainly glowed in some photos. It did however make for some nice clear reflections.

I did make it to the beach, a little later than first anticipated, but that is the awesome freedom that comes from a day off.

I'll leave you with a pile of photos of one of the lakes and will get back soon with some more posts and photos. I can't believe how slack I have been.

some glowing lilies

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  1. I have a water lilly about to flower in our little pond, they are beautiful flowers. I was just thinking what a life the pelican has! Beautiful lake. :)


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