Friday, 17 January 2014

Changing Skies

The weather here in Cairns is very erratic at the moment but one thing you can guarantee is rain.
Now I know there are many out there champing at the bit to get some rain. They are hoping and praying that it comes soon. I am right there with them, thinking of them. Some have been lucky enough to already get some rain but are in need of more. I am thinking of them to.

One thing is certain it will come pouring down one day, it is just a matter of which one.
Well for Cairns that day was last Saturday. The heavens opened and the wet began. It was a beautiful relief from the hot days before where in other places around Australia it was reaching soaring temperatures of up to 50 degree celsius. Here I believe the recorded top was around 36 degrees however my car thought it was about 43 out in the sun. Add in the lovely Northern humidity and it wasn't too nice.

The skies around here have been interesting to watch, changing so fast. One moment a rainbow the next pouring down then moments later it stops and the sun tries to come out. Today the weather has settled into a drier windier pattern I believe due to the low off the coast but the clouds and the look they bring has still changed with amazing speed.

Out the back, the mountains have disappeared and the frogs are very happy.

View from work, again mountains blurred in the distance.

Clearer skies and the sun trying to dry it out.

A double rainbow seen from near our house, wow!

Does two rainbows mean more gold?

I wish I could find that gold.

The sun trying to break up the clouds, Love the shafts of light.

Minutes later clouds are moving on.
Now we have been seeing more grey skies and rain than sun (which is a pain when you are trying your best to get into a walking habit). I hope this change and the sign the the wet has started means rain is soon to come further inland. Here is to rainy days ahead and dripping gardens and soggy ground and mud and puddles and cool.


  1. Great photo's Anne I really like the one with the sun trying to come through and I love your stories as well

  2. I love the shafts of light coming through the clouds... and awesome that you got to see a double rainbow! :)


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