Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Moony Morning

I've taken up morning walking again, it is needed and has been a long time coming, talk about procrastinating. Anyway the weather has turned sunny again, I think we've had more sun than rain, so I guess we jumped the gun on the wet season idea. The garden is loving it though I swear everything doubles in size once the cooler night comes. So I've headed off track again. Some mornings I take a camera, some I don't, I'm trying to walk more rather than spending my time sidetracked by something I see. 

At the moment the moon is still up, high in the sky in the early morning and after the rain it is so clear. I haven't decided whether I like it blurred or sharp.

Another thing I see a lot of are these little birds hanging out on the power lines. They are such cute little things but boy do they make some noise. On closer inspection of photos though I think I see two different types of bird that look similar in size and colour, the difference being their beak and their tail length. One I think is a White-breasted Woodswallow and the other a Mangrove Robin.


Mangrove Robin ????

I am counting down until we head on holiday down south, visiting family. We head of before the crack of dawn on Saturday I think. Meanwhile I am going back to debating which I prefer, a sharp moon or a blurry moon.


  1. you and me alike, getting back into the morning walks (beat the heat) .... it's hard to ignore some photos if there's something out there

  2. I know sometimes I am part way through my walk (no running for me thanks) and I see something and really wish I had my camera. I would stop and take a tonne of photos if I could so I ban the camera some days and just walk and enjoy.

  3. I like the sharp moon. Also loving the birds at the moment, even the noisy ones. I just hate seeing a great shot in my eye and not having the camera, or procrastinating and not taking the photo and regretting it later.

  4. Your Woodswallows are cute. Great moon captures!

  5. Hi Alicia, I think I like both moons but the sharp is more moon like. I hate seeing things and not having my camera too but I think maybe I spend too much time with a camera in hand and not enough just appreciating what I see but then I regret it later when I miss a good shot. There are lots of birds around here at the moment, I am loving hearing the rainbow lorikeets (finding them is tricky though as hey are very active) and hearing the smaller birds. I need to go find those black cockatoos I see on the way to work and capture them before they choose not to visit again.

  6. Thanks Eileeninmd, they are very cute.

  7. Lovely post. I would think that both images are of Wood swallows. I do the same and wish I had taken the camera with me.... we live and learn, sometmes

  8. Hi there - as far as I can tell all the birds are wood-swallowas.

    Nice pictures, I have comprehensively failed to get pictures of this type of bird!!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  9. Hi, I am happy for any correction of the breed of bird as I am not really a bird watcher I just take photos of them and then find out what they are. I thought they were all the same bird but as far as I can see one has a light beak and short tail and the other a dark beak and longer tail. Both breeds live in the area and they do look similar. Hmmm. Thanks for your comments.

  10. Just stumbled upon your very nice blog (thank you, Stewart, for hosting WBW!).

    Nice photos of the birds, but I'm unfamiliar with most of the birds "down under".

    The moon is beautiful in or out of focus, although I think I prefer the sharper definition.

    Your dilemma about walking with or without a camera is shared by many of us! It's a balancing act and, ultimately, a personal decision. Good luck!

  11. Me personally I prefer the sharp moon.


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