Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Happy un-Birthday

First of all I am certainly not a me, me, me person but there are certain times when I feel it should be just a bit about me, like my birthday. Do you remember last year's birthday flop, I still do and would rather forget it. It was't a good one and big chunks of it saw me either royally pinged off or in tears because a. I was missing family and b. it seemed I was missing out on a birthday. Admittedly the day had some good parts but well hmmm, you can read about it back here if you want.

My birthday was on the 19th and well this year I tried my hardest to have no expectations. Mr Sparky did remember to ring me and say Happy Birthday, did I mention he ran away for the weekend. I also had lots of lovely facebook messages and a couple of nice phone calls from Mr Sparky's Grandma and my mother which were the day's saving grace. Actually I had decided days before to try and forget it was just because I had a feeling it wouldn't be great.

I made myself a yummy breakfast.

I did nothing much out of boredom and not really wanting to do something alone, I spend a lot of time alone and on that day I really didn't want to be.
I went to work for a few hours in the afternoon, yay packing shelves was just want I wanted to do. You gotta love working for a big company where no one cares when someone's birthday is. I don't mind working on a birthday, some of the best birthday's have happened because I was at work, memorable ones involving a snake and a crocodile.

I came home and finished making a cake I had started earlier as a Birthday, whatever, send to work with Mr Sparky cake. Really it was something to do.

I ate the yummy dinner I made to share with Mr Sparky who never made it home for dinner. He got home after 10pm a LOT later than expected.

I ate some cake.

I chatted to my mother for a while until her and my need to do dishes and general family life kicked in and I went to bed.

Happy Birthday to Me!

To me birthdays are about the person whose day it is, doing nice things for them whether it is a nice dinner, gifts or just time. I miss the coming together as a family, sometimes with friends as well that comes with it. To quote my mother though 'it was easier this year than last year'. Another marker on the road of life passed. My second crap birthday in a row achieved. Now to get on with the year and look forward to visiting family.

What do you like to do for your birthday or for someone else?

Side note: how bizarre I happened to post on the 22nd last yr too.


  1. I have written that date down for next year ;)
    It is nice to be spoiled by loved ones on your birthday, I'm sorry you had a crappy one xx

  2. Thanks Alicia, I think I am getting a second birthday at my Mother's house when I get down there :) I should have taken advantage of my quiet time and gone to the movies or something, ah well.

  3. Thanks for dropping by Hans, it was a pretty tasty cake, black forest, yum! The rest was tasty too.

  4. I'm really sorry you had a crappy birthday. You were in my thoughts all day and I so wished we were in the same place so we could celebrate together. I have always loved celebrating my kids birthdays and tried to make them super special, family days. You are definitely not a me, me, me person and always helped to make everyone else's birthday special too. I have the cake planned but not sure I can beat that scrumptious creation you made. looking forward to your visit. With love Mum.

  5. Well all I can say is Mr Sparky you have some browny points to make up on!

    I run away usually for my birthdays, I hate any fuss.


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