Thursday, 30 January 2014

Sunflower Days

I love sunflowers. They are so bright and cheerful and it is pretty cool how they follow the sun, like moving solar panels. They aren't something I see all that often, or have in the past but those golden paddocks are like a magnet to the eye and for a change I got to stop (thanks Mr Sparky) and take photos of them.

Now obviously I'm not anywhere near Cairns to see paddocks of sunflowers like this, I am visiting family on the Darling Downs and we are exploring the area while we are here, introducing Mr Sparky to new little towns all over the place, ones he has heard of but never seen. Today it was a trip to the Clifton area which is a great cropping area, at the moment there are sunflowers and sorghum to see.

Meanwhile in North QLD many are battering down the hatches for Cyclone Dylan which is currently a category 2 cyclone (approx 140km/hr wind in the centre) and heading in to the coast just south of Townsville. The worry in the coastal areas is for flooding and the hope for inland areas is that the rain makes it that far. It should hit the coast tomorrow morning so I hope all in the area stay safe. Mr Sparky is not worried at all about the cyclone coming in after having been through two category 5s in his lifetime, his lack of worry is reassuring.


  1. Sunflowers make me smile, they are a little like daisies, very happy flowers don't you think?

    Dylan is not coming too close to you hopefully?

  2. I love sunflower fields, you don't see them often in the UK but you do in France


  3. Hi Jacana, I agree they are very happy flowers.
    Cyclone Dylan went a lot further south than Cairns, coming in around the Bowen area. Cairns stayed fine and sunny which was good. Further south got rain and a storm surge combined with a king tide which made for a little flooding but nothing too major as far as I know. Inland QLD currently getting some RAIN!

  4. Oh, my gosh! I just submitted a comment on how like Kansas the farm photos from Saturday are. But these could even fool me--a native! The sunflower is our state flower as a matter of fact. Great shots!


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