Monday, 22 September 2014

Sunset from a different place ...

Remember that weekend jaunt I am bombarding you with. Last post we had settled with our feet up on a veranda in Charters Towers. The afternoon clouded over and we even heard drops hitting the roof. There is something about the smell of rain on dry hot earth that I love. I had decided earlier that we must go to Towers Hill for sunset but thought the clouds would stop that plan but as the sun was still peeking through the clouds we headed up the hill.

I loved every second of it; the view, seeing the town from above, remembering memories, seeing the wide open spaces. It made me feel light, happy and relaxed.

The local residents were even out enjoying the view. I remember the first time I came here and seeing the rock wallabies, even where they were. The first time I came to Charters Towers, to Towers Hill was on a trip around QLD with the Girl Guide shop, taking the shop to the girls and their leaders, so far from any guide shop to buy badges, toys, uniforms and other cool things.

It was the perfect afternoon, scuddy showers and clouds adding to the amazing scenery. There really is still beauty in drought and beauty to be found in any landscape.

We wandered along to the remains of the Pyrites Works, a part of the area's history.

We then headed down the hill, a bit at a time, by foot. You can say I was a little reluctant (read this as I was too lazy to contemplate it) but Mr Sparky with energy in abundance encouraged me to come along (verbally dragged me down the hill).

I was glad we headed down, something I hadn't done before (yes I am often a lazy one)

Then we had to get back to the car which meant walking back up. I wasn't so glad about the walk then. Talk about burn!

 Now I have decided I need to live in The Towers so I can do this walk, a lot. What an achievement (and I didn't fall over dead or out of clumsiness). Definitely worth it, and I wasn't sore the next day amazingly.

A beautiful end to a great day.

I have missed this area and I have a slight feeling I have never really blogged about it before. Probably one of those I meant to but I didn't things (well I can't find one anyway). Well here one is now.


  1. I love your photos! There is nothing better than the smell of rain! We haven't had a lot here, though it rained on the first day of school holidays and that's it! xo

  2. Thanks! I love the smell of rain as well. Well I hope more rain comes your way.

  3. Nice photos! I used to live near Charters Towers. We got some of our wedding photos on the hill. My husband and I now live down near Roma. I was feeling a bit homesick looking at these photos.

    1. Thank you! That would be a great place for wedding photos. I used to live down near Toowoomba but then was working near Charters Towers for a few years. Miss both places so much. Glad you got to see a bit of 'home' but hope the homesick goes away and that great memories are remembered.


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