Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Parentals

This week's my confess topic is how you really feel about your parents and in-laws. Well firstly I must confess that I don't like getting too personal but I'll make an exception. So along with unrelated photos, here goes.

I start with the in-law part and I'll keep it brief, they aren't really my in-laws yet, well not officially. They make me angry, the thought of what they did and still do to their kids. They aren't what I would consider great parents but sometimes they show that they care. I could say more but I'll stick with I am glad they had kids because otherwise I wouldn't have met Mr Sparky. So that is that.
Edit: conversation with Mr Sparky after writing this left me yet again gobsmacked at the in-laws behaviors and upbringing of their children.

Now onto my side of the parental part. Stop reading now mum ... no not really. I love my Mum. I grew up basically in a single parent family and maybe it is because of that my mother is my everything. Yes, she drives me nuts but hey who doesn't do that on occasion. Yes, she nags and pesters but it means I know she cares. Yes, she can be completely annoying but so can I. We don't always agree but my mum is my friend, my confident and much, much more. She is my rock and my cushion and that person who supports me no matter what (even when I run away half way across the country), building me up when it is needed with a teaspoon of cement when that is needed too. I love her to the moon and back, or is it to infinity and beyond. You get the point. 

I never went through that I hate my mother (I am pretending to hate my mother) stage and never understood it. I always thought I had the best Mum going, so did some of my friends, and it had nothing to do with her being cool or letting us do anything but because she helped us, she cared, she mothered, she set boundaries and she was a Mum. She was/ is my Mum and I still think I am very lucky to have her.
Edit: I am counting down until I get to see Mum and everyone!!!

My biological father I don't really think much about, well that is a lie because I do think about him but I am not really attached. Sometimes he annoys me, sometimes I wonder if we could ever have a reasonable relationship, sometimes I worry for him. He seems to be in a good place right now and I am happy for that. I don't wish him ill.

Now lastly my step father. I honestly think he is one brave man taking on a house full of girls, oh and my brother. I respect him for loving my mother, giving her the love and relationship she deserves. He has quietly snuck his way into all of our hearts over the years. I love that he wants to talk gardening and ag with me on occasion, especially when I was on the station and that he listens to my, and my siblings thoughts on things. It is also great that we can pick his knowledge along the way. I love that he just fits into the family like he belongs, because he does. 


So there it is, what I really think of the parentals. I could say so much more but there is such a thing as too much information and there is also such a thing as writing too much. 

What about you? What do you really think of your parents or in-laws?

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  1. Families can really be complicated, can't they? Your step-dad sounds like a lovely man. And while I love my mum she can also drive me nuts sometimes - i think that's what mums do!!!

    1. They are a tricky thing to navigate on occasion but I love my family to bits and wish I lived a lot closer that what I do.

  2. I don't have in laws, they have both passed away. I never met hubby's mum.
    I think it is not until much older that we do realise and appreciate our parents, and the hard work they did.


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