Tuesday, 25 November 2014

25th of Nov!!!

25th of November! How and earth did it managed to be the 25th of November? I sometime swear I just blinked and missed big chunks of the year, maybe I slept through them. Something had to have gone on for it to be the last week in November already.

Over at My Home Truths it is time for I must confess and this week is about Santa photos. I haven't had one of them for years. My last one was sometime in my mid teens as my brother refused to have one without us all. Actually that might be the last 'all kids in' Santa photo taken. We used to get one every year, a record of us changing, a record of a changing family and a great present for our Grandparents. The next generation has started this tradition, with my niece having her first Santa photo last year. These days it is pretty hard to get us all together for a photo. I guess that is what happens when you fly the nest.

My confession about Christmas is that part of me is excited for it coming (1 month to go), part of me doesn't want to get my hopes up for anything exciting and another part of me is dreading another Christmas away from my family (at work last night 'So this is Christmas' came on and I was ready to blubber in the middle of the aisle but when another song came on later I was fine and singing along, which really goes to show how up and down it all makes me feel).

I used to be such a Christmas junky (still am a bit). I'd be there with the best of them cooking, creating, making and picking the gifts that were 'just right' for each person. When there are only two of you and no kids around, part of the magic of Christmas is gone. The gathering of family, the sharing of love and the excitement of kids, they are part of what makes it such a special time. As Christmas approaches I will have days when I will want to crack out my inner elf and create some Christmas cheer. Cooking big batches of tasty things is kind of my thing but I can't really do that with no one to eat them. Christmas crafting is fun and I hope I get making and cards will definitely be on my creating list. All these things I still find are better with someone to share the experience and fun with. So when the mood strikes I might share what I I dram of doing or what I make with you.

On a totally different note there is plenty of red flowering trees putting on a show up here, just to make sure we remember the time of year.

I Must Confess


  1. That red tree is amazing - great shots...There's one at the school - I might try to take a few shots myself!

  2. I hope you still have an awesome christmas even though you won't be with your family this year. BTW, feel free to still make all your goodies and send them this way. I don't have a culinary nor creative bone in my body so need all the help I can get!


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