Thursday, 27 November 2014

My Wednesday ...

My Wednesday looked a bit like this ...

The morning started off a bit wet. Mind you it was a bit hard to tell what was wetness and what was extreme humidity. It didn't get wet at our house though, just my work.

The day tried to clear as it went on and the sky below looks a lot more blue than what we could see at the time.

No rain in the afternoon meant it was Botanic Gardens time with the current student. I think she enjoyed seeing many different plants and flowers.

She even got to spy a Rainbow Lorikeet, way up high.

Then we saw a little yellow Sun Bird that was making a ruckus.

When we got back to the office/ school the sky was still looking very hazy. Was it humidity or smoke? That is the question.

Sorry for any weird blurry spots, my replacement camera decided to malfunction so I am back to my scratched lens friend. Christmas wish list ... you can guess.


  1. I really like those days when you think "I'm stuck indoors with no chance of getting the camera out" and then the sun appears to change your mood and transform the day. Some lovely flower pictures from the Botanic Gardens. I hope you get your Christmas wish.

  2. So beautiful blooms and views!All the best!

  3. Here's hoping that Santa will bring you what you want this Christmas. :)

  4. I'll take hot and humid any day over the weather up north! Love your photos, especially the garden.


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