Wednesday, 12 November 2014

An evening at the Wetlands

Yesterday evening I had no work so I managed to rush out for a quick snap of the sunset. I think I might have left it a bit late but it was still pretty to watch.

The truth of the matter is that I probably tried to go a bit too far to capture the sunset and should have stopped closer to town. I did however have an urge to head to Cattana Wetlands again and see if I could get a nice cloudy sunset.

Well it was certainly a cloudy sunset. What had been a nice band of cloud became more of a sky full.

It made for pretty colours and nice reflections of those colours though.

I loved the coloured water with all those lily pads. Almost like a water colour.

But then those pretty oranges and pinks faded from the clouds.

And when I looked the other way the colour was all but leached from the sky.

One thing that shocked me, well maybe not shocked but something I hadn't considered, was how much the wetlands had dried up. We must be nearly going on two and a half to three months without much in the way of rain here in Cairns. This is meaning the tropics aren't all that green at the moment. It is looking a little more Townsville like, very much the dry tropics look. Certainly different to the lush green look I've gotten used to. Hopefully this next wet is a good one and spreads wide and far.

Here is a different Cattana Wetlands post ... I thought I'd done a different sunset one but apparently not. I did however find a photo of a bird in the same lake from August. Bit of a difference.


  1. I love how, in sunsets, the colors seem to collide. So beautiful!

    1. Me too, they fade into each other making a different kind of rainbow. Nature sure can put on a show.

  2. I love the story about the sunset. The other day while I was in the grocery store, a friend called and asked if I had looked at the sunset. She was so adamant that I see it I left my cart in the dairy department and went outside...probably the prettiest sunset I had seen in a long time...and gone all to soon. Glad you got the beautiful images you did.

    1. I love your sunset story. I hate missing out on watching themand some are just sspectacular and no two are the same. Thank you. They always make a beautiful and peaceful end to the day.

  3. Hi,

    thank you for having a look and commenting on my blog, I was very happy about it! I like your photographs a lot, I'd love to see Australia again.

    I'm actually not from Hamburg, I live near Cologe. Did you visit this city, too? It's very nice and the Dome is beautiful!

    I was actually about to write a blog article about my trip to Australia (long ago...) and show some pictures. I LOVE your country and I can't wait to get there again (but we have to wait a little until the kids get older, so they are able to understand and appreciate what they see). I believe I'm going to post my article tomorrow, so stay tuned if you like ;-)

    All the best,

    1. No problem, I enjoyed looking in.
      I am biased but I also think Australia is the best place. I'll have to look back to see what you saw.
      I did go to Cologne and recall the Dome (cathedral). We walked up to the top I think and saw the city from above. Maybe I should find old photos and do a blog.
      I hope you do visit here again and one day I hope to visit Germany again. It is such an amazing place with so much history. We certainly don't have buildings like you do.

  4. I love the sunset and the clouds ads to the beauty. :) Love also the birds . :)

    1. I think clouds just add something to a sunrise or sunset. Clear ones a beautiful but add some clouds and you get, wow! The bird life around here is amazing. Thanks for dropping by.


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