Sunday 17 May 2015

A grey weekend

This weekend has been a bit dreary. It has been grey and wet. Not that I am complaining, it means our weather has cooled (finally!) and honestly our wet season hasn't been very wet.

Yesterday, we headed to the Home and Caravan, Camping and Fishing Show. We went as early as we could with the idea that we would beat the crowds. With the damp weather that wasn't hard. As what usually happens when you leave your umbrella in the car I got saturated, we both got saturated. I had water dripping down the inside of my clothes. As one of the venders said 'welcome to Cairns!' He was rather cheery, he was also rather dry. Actually both Mr Sparky and I were rather cheery as well, mucking around and having fun despite our sogginess. Something about being soaked brings back childhood fun. We looked into tents, trailers, caravans as well as looked at all that other camping gear and dreamed. Fingers crossed for those competitions we entered.

Mr Sparky got those drill bits off t.v that he wanted that can apparently go through anything and will never break. We also got those bamboo pillows where they throw a bowling ball on it and the egg doesn't break (hmmm). We will see how they go. Actually someone in our house is fairly influenced by those infomercial channels and it certainly isn't me. No joke, he can sit and watch them for ages. Boring. In his defense, some of that stuff is pretty good. He probably has the same opinion of my wish to watch Big Bang Theory and such (not that I ever get to).

Anyway to go with our grey skied weekend I will share some grey toned (black and white really) photos from the other morning.

There started off being three pelicans fishing away but then the numbers grew as another group flew in and joined the fun.


How has your weekend been?
Have an infomercial influenced person in your household?

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  1. I'm always intrigued by pelicans, they sure big bills. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. although the weekend was not as beautiful are your images of the pelicans more beautiful. In black / white, they have a special aura. Such birds there is not in the wild only in parks or zoos.
    greetings Frank

  3. I think pelicans are beautiful and hope to get over there some day soon to capture some myself (digitally, of course!)


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