Sunday, 3 May 2015

Head Space

I've been going to write a post all week and still it hasn't happened.
I haven't been in the right head space to or something like that. This past week has just been horrid. It certainly hasn't had much going for it and finding good parts has been a challenge. I hope this coming week is an improvement, wouldn't be hard really.

I don't think I should moan on about it. You'd probably find out way more than you need to know, as today is certainly leaving a sour taste in my mouth.

There of cause were good parts to the week. There always are. My student's have been fabulous although quiet after my last crazy group. I caught a few sunrises to refresh me for the day. I find if I get out, especially after limited sleep, I feel a lot less tired and better able to face the day. I got to have an immediate family catch up, with my very spread out family, using various types of technology. Dinner was ready when I got home on Monday night, something I always appreciate after a day at Nova and when I have to turn around and do four hours night work afterwards. Not cooking dinner in the middle is such a relief. 

I'll leave you now with one of those sunrises from during the week, Thursday morning in fact.

You'll be glad to know that another chat with family has brightened my day. I rang my sister, Sis C, for her birthday. Quarter of a century! Happy Birthday, Sis C! I even got a hello or seven, a story about everyone who saw Sis G's photo (Aunty G) and then multiple goodbyes from my niece. Nothing like two year old cuteness and enthusiasm (and her mother repeatedly saying 'no' throughout the conversation). Can't wait to see her soon, hopefully in about a month.

Wishing you a wonderful coming week. I know mine will be busy but hopefully good.

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