Thursday, 21 May 2015

Fingers of Light (and so much more)

Another morning on the Esplanade. It seems to be about as far as I can make it before sunrise really happens. Okay so really I am too lazy to leave home earlier and there is that fact that I hardly see Mr Sparky with his earlier hours and my late ones so that 1/2 and hour in the morning is best spent in his company (or asleep) before he head to work. 

These photos are actually from Wednesday. Not that you would know it with my lack of sharing but I have been down there pretty much every morning for the last week, make that fortnight. In truth, if you follow me on Instagram you probably would have noticed the very similar 'good morning' shots most mornings (well as similar as a changing sky can get).

I don't have much to write home about unless you count the idiot driver I saw reverse back from the lights at a major intersection then do a U turn, driving down the wrong side of the road until they were past the island and could move onto the right side of the road. What the!? I swear drivers are getting crazier. That same night, Wednesday if I recall, a driver moved over to the turning lane in front of me. All perfectly legal. Then proceeded to speed up and quickly change back into the other lane, after passing the ute that had been in front of them, just so they could sit first in line at the big fat red light. So many idiots on the road, sooo many. Not that I can profess to being a perfect driver, okay, I'll pretend I am, but really?!

What else has been happening this week? Oh, I wrote a newsletter for my Lone Guide unit which involved lots of googling and mucking around in publisher. I have been to work three nights. Yay, tonight is a night off! It has actually been six shifts in a row if the end of last week is added to the mix. 

I nearly forgot the best part, Mr Sparky passed his final exam for his electrical licence. Now it is all down to paperwork and her is qualified. Double YAY! Thank goodness that is over. He is finding it hard to get his head around the fact that he is done and qualified. So proud. Now there is a story for all those young kids who didn't do well at school or dropped out of school early or come from a rather 'interesting' background or who had doubters (all of the above in this case). Struggle Street eat your heart out. 

By the way why the big kerfuffle about that show (not that I watched much but I got the gist of it). Maybe all those who kicked up a stink didn't realise that that is what life is like for some people. That some people have grown up with that and don't think there is any other way and also that some people see there is a different way and fight for it. My Mum and her brothers and sister grew up in that delightful part of Sydney. Those issues have been happening in that area and many others like it for a long time. As my Uncle said 'after growing up in the area my life could have turned out completely different. Makes me thankful for my upbringing. After all that's where all the right / wrong decisions are enforced.. Thank you Mum And Dad.' It really is all about expectations and family values. And now, none of the family live there. Phew, I am certainly glad for the upbringing I have had.

So that all got a bit too serious.

Actually, we usually discuss were everyone is from in my English lessons and sometimes even whether people have moved from their childhood town. That leads to students turning the question back to me. This one requires a map for explaining as I point to Sydney, where I was born, then near Brisbane, rather the Darling Downs where I grew up. Then there is the Longreach/ Charters Towers area and now up here in the tropical north. When I explain how long it takes to drive these distances to visit family or friends there is always a bit of amazement and questions. The fact that I live about a 2 day drive from my mother, or 19hrs or 1677kms, is hard to comprehend. Wow, I just check and I am about 2531km from my youngest sister. That is a long way. Sometimes you just forget, just for a bit, how big this place is. How far do you have to travel to visit loved ones?

Well I think I have jabbered on about nothing much for long enough so I am going to go and do something useful like have a nap do the washing. Meanwhile you can finish browsing the rest of the hundreds of photos, just kidding, and watch the fingers of light turn into a lovely bright morning.


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  1. WOW, what a great collection, they just keep getting better. Tom The Backroads Traveller

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Sparky! I enjoyed reading your narrative this morning! How different life is from me there in Australia. Though it would take me three days at get to where my Mom lives...but then, living in big countries, that's a given. Kids are funny when they can't get their minds around things that are different than what they know. :-) I LOVED all of your amazing photos! Wow! What a great place to watch the sunrise! Your shots are all just exquisite! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Some lovely light in these shots.

  4. Congrats to Mr Sparky! And to you too ~ am sure you were involved helping! Fantastic photos of the sun rising and nature shots!

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  5. Lovely photos and Congratulations to Mr. Sparky on his exams!

  6. I enjoyed all your photos. I do know what it is like to travel two to three days to visit family.

  7. What a great series of pictures (and some good words too!)

    Why must people dump bottles on the beach!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  8. What beautiful photos. I just got a new camera before going on the Cruise and am really enjoying taking pictures. Thanks for your comment on my blog of the cruise. I am still trying to work out how to reply to comments left. Joan at

  9. Actually, I don't think you are lazy! Most people have trouble getting up before the sun!! Your photos are wonderful.


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