Friday, 24 June 2016

Watching the rising sun

Well this is a first in a long time. I am actually blogging something that happened today. Gasp!
This morning I headed down to the Esplanade to watch the sunrise.

I haven't been out to watch many sunrises lately. Between working early, sleeping and cloudy mornings they are a bit hard to catch.

This week I managed to work 26.5 hours in two days. Another unexpected 4 hour shift on Wednesday and then 8.5 hours at daycare on Thursday just leaves my 4 hours tonight and tomorrow night to finish off the week. I actually feel surprisingly good, especially after the first two days. I am loving working more too. It is amazing how much lack of work can effect your feelings about yourself.

This morning we woke to still, humid and a balmy 26 degrees C.

Not exactly winter like, even here in the far north.

I wasn't the only one out and about, or even the only one who stopped to watch and wait for the sun to peek over the horizon, well mountains.

I then wandered up past the Lagoon and along to the marina.

The marina is where a lot of the sunset photos I have taken recently have been taken.

It was a nice morning for a walk but it would be great if that cool change down south makes it this far, giving us our cooler winter days with low humidity. Right now it is still feeling like 29 degrees C with 80% humidity. Crazy at nearly 7pm in the middle of winter.

I hope you have a great weekend coming at you.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful morning. I love the sun's rays from the clouds.

    1. Thank you! I love the look of sun light through the clouds ... I've heard them called God's fingers before ... beautiful.

  2. The sunrise scenes are awesome. The shades of blue of the sky and the sea and the sunlight through the clouds are simply soothing. 30 degrees C here in summer.


    1. Thank you! It looks like our Summer and Winter temperature is similar. It usually is a bit cooler in winter here but it is taking a long time to cool down.

  3. Very beautiful! I am a bit jealous of your 26 temp this morning. Ours was 1 with a frost.

    1. I am a bit jealous of your frost. I miss the beauty of a cold winter. I think we have made it down to a minimum of 15 this weekend but I was sleeping. Thank you!


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