Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sunset over the Sugar Cane

So things have been a bit busy here, obviously from the lack of posting. The weekend was spent recovering from a pretty big work week and I have a feeling this coming weekend will be similar, plus a plot of housework. Majority of my work week has been spent doing 12.5hr days which is certainly not something I'm used to (with around 2hrs travel once the there and back adds up). I am loving the work though and being busy. It would just be nice to actually be finished at that 5:30pm knock off time rather than having to back it up with a 4hr night shift. 

You could say there hasn't been much photo taking recently, well except for daycare related ones. This sunset over the sugar cane was taken at Freshwater, the Sunday before last.
I am hanging to get out and find some sugar cane harvesting and to go out and watch more sunrises and sunsets. That will happen soon enough. There have been some gorgeous ones recently too.
Well, I hope you enjoy this pretty surprising sunset that put on a show when I though it was all done.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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