Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Show Time 2016!

It is that time of year, the time when we whinge about the price to get in the show gates and still go and do it anyway. 
We actually had no specific plan to head to the show this year, but ended up checking it out for a couple of hours last Friday. It was peoples day or the show holiday. I had to work that afternoon and evening so Mr Sparky's get in and out method suited me fine. It was going to be crowded. Last time we went we went at night but this time we hit the show just after the gates opened for the day. Unfortunately that method doesn't leave much leeway for photo taking, other than the odd quick snap here and there.

So here is a super quick look at parts of the Cairns Show for 2016.

Shhh ... spot Mr Sparky ;)


The show ring

Handy crafts


Quilts and woodwork

Dairy cows

Lead steer

Sideshow alley

Sideshow alley

Sideshow alley

Sideshow alley

Sugar cane

Historical display

Car display

Animal farm

Poultry and birds

Plants and flowers

Fruit and veg

We last went to the Cairns Show two years ago. Not much has changed but it was good to have a look around in daylight hours but I am a bit sad I missed out on fireworks. Oh well, Cairns Festival is coming up so hopefully I'll get to see some then.
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  1. Soon I'll be taking my grandkids to a wonderful county fair. It's free and we all have a great time. Last year my oldest granddaughter won a bicycle. This one look similar, but perhaps a bit bigger. Thanks for your visit and I hope to see more of your treasure again soon.

  2. These are great! Country fairs are just awesome aren't they?

  3. There is so much to see here!

  4. I love going to the country shows. Did you enter any of your stunning photos?

  5. Those cakes look amazing


  6. I love our local show. It is fabulous to come together and celebrate as a community. I never used to, but now I am older I like to go and look at the art, craft and stuff. Even entered some things too!
    The kids love it, so the wallet does get a hammering, well hubbys wallet ;)

  7. These are great shots of a fun time. I do like to wander around places like this--it's such a fabulous place to wander about.

  8. looks like you had a perfect day!

  9. Lots of wonderful things on exhibit! These fairs can be such fun, with so much to see & do. You got some great photos!


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