Friday, 2 September 2011

Job Description

After a smarty pants told me that I could add that to my job description today I thought it was high time I actually wrote it down, so here goes.
(Please note that much if this would never be found on a piece of actual paper)
  • teacher
  • child minder
  • referee
  • councillor (...really, now how does that make you feel?)
  • nurse, no lets make it doctor
  • apprentice builder (it is a hard life holding things in place)
  • fencing contractor
  • station hand (including yard work, lick runs)
  • art critic (Oh that looks nice, very colourful. I love the shapes you used ...)
  • chef extraordinaire (ummm dinner? Sausages are on top so curried sausages it is.)
  • cleaner
  • first aid officer
  • disciplinarian
  • secretary (I swear I spend as much time answering the phone as I do teaching school)
  • gardener
  • painter
  • baker(yummm cake)
  • hair dresser
  • technical officer (well you know how to use yours so you must know whats wrong with mine)
  • artist
  • resource developer (someone has to come up with the fun number and alphabet games)
  • photographer
  • weather presenter
  • furniture removalist
  • rubbish disposalist (well burner)
  • examiner
  • story teller
  • shop assistant
  • editor
  • producer
  • audience (sometime reluctant)
  • detective
  • treasure hunter
  • personal shopper (The first day I went shopping with my boss we got four trolleys full ... then we had to fit it in the car. Since that fateful day I have done many a shop myself)
  • packer
  • taxi (getting kids to cluster is such hard work)
  • coach
  • tow vehicle/rescue
  • spotter (for roos, boggy patches, how close)
  • animal husbandry expert
  • butchers apprentice
  • emergency carer
  • electrician (darn powers out, nope not the fuses, bloody generator)
  • plumber
  • diesel mechanic (well checking the water, oil and filling the generator with diesel must count for something)
  • parts photographer (so they can repair the stinking generator so we don't have to use the crank one)
  • scientist
  • metal detector
  • life saver (I'm the Queen of the dam)
  • supervisor
  • events manager (how else would we get Fun Friday ... and I do share knowledge about coming events)
  • official wet season gate person (VERY important job, I swear the only reason I was invited on the emergency shopping trips was to open the gates)
  • repair person
  • computer technician (honestly if you know one thing about a computer you must know everything)
  • freight carrier (who else would bring all that important stuff home)
  • DJ
  • washer woman
  • goat wrangler (the stinking things got into the yard AGAIN)
  • judge ( I don't care who was on there first the rule is one at a time so you a banned for the rest of the day ... hmmm harsh)
  • mail lady
  • entertainer/hostess
  • musterer (okay so that one is really stretching the truth, I walked and trotted on a horse to the creek and back but then again I have helped out in a ute)
  • dog trainer
  • maid
Well the list keeps going
(some things may be stretching the truth just a bit)


  1. I hear you, I was a cook on a cattle station in QLD and I was all this and more as well. Fantastic time. Enjoy! Bushbelles

  2. Honestly I think I would get bored if I didn't do everything else plus it is part of properly experiencing the lifestyle.

  3. I LOVE IT...people ask me all the time what is a governess is. They just don't get that it isn't just about one thing. It touches on everything.

    Love it


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