Monday, 19 September 2011


No,  I am not going to write a post about having the perks/chucks instead I thought I would fill you in on one of the perks (as in upside) of my job ... school holidays. I am pretty sure there are govies/nannies out there who unfortunately don't get to participate in this fun past time but luckily for me I get to.

This time my family (as in my real, biological family as opposed to the family I work for who have practically adopted me) have planned a week at the coast because poor me hasn't been in a LONG time. Then lucky people that they are get to come and spend a week on my turf and check out the area.

Very smokey drive south. It seems that everyone has decided to burn off at the same time.
So back to holidays....
It usually takes me one and a half to two days to get home or in this case the coast, so the holidays really don't begin til I get to my destination. It's not that I don't like driving because I kind of do but quite frankly after a day on the road I am over it and usually have a numb backside and sore shoulders. But that feeling of excitement when I am close to my destination that really is hard to beat ... and contain. Sorry other drivers on the highway I am not insane, I was just clapping for joy.

I got to the coast yesterday afternoon and I am sorry to say the first thing I hit was the shops not the beach simply because I rather thought that other beach goers might prefer it if I had swimwear to go to the beach in. I did get to the beach however, and even went swimming BRRRR. Crazy idea that was.

So to finish up here are some smokey sunset pictures from the coast.


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  1. Really pleased you decided on the swim wear option before hitting the beach.


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