Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Water Colours and Tool Shops

Interesting combination that is ... water colours and tool shops but that was the kind of day we had.
Actually come to think of that is how most of our days are ... combinations of the unlikely ... of the practical and the inspired.

Today at 12:30pm was the end of our last on air lesson for the year so I had children lamenting about how much they will miss their teachers (it is ok we will see them around next year). Nothing says the year is winding down like the end of on airs. Sometime in what remains of this week we will all make cards for the teachers thanking them for the WONDERFUL job they have done this year.

Sooo ....

Today Mr Preppy made a tool shop for everyone to visit.
Best shop ever ... you pay for something and get the same amount back plus more if you want it.

 He also did some wax crayon painting on a fish template.
First he had to trace around the fish and cut it out. Then he had to draw an invisible secret pattern on the fish using a crayon (or you can use a candle). Once he had done that he put a red wash (super runny paint) over his fish so that the pattern would be revealed.

Everyone else got in on the painting caper doing some water colour painting this afternoon. The cool thing about it is you really don't need anything special just mix you normal acrylic paints with water and use that. Also when doing water colours it is much more effective if you paint over your paper with water first.

I hope everyone else had a day filled with as much variety as ours was.

Now I am off to take care of that iced coffee sitting in the freezer, that is in need of my undivided attention while I daydream of cool places like this ...


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