Thursday, 3 November 2011

Interesting Me

"... it is Miss Anne that makes school interesting." This is according to the kids not me ... I thought I was more the wicked witch of the west but it seems that no matter how hard I try to be mean and nasty (joking) I still make up the best part of their day.

They may have been saying this after I had been crazily chasing Billy off our veranda with the mat ... ah the giggles that got.

Apparently he has adopted us as his classroom pet. The kids think even a photo of him would stink.

It is true though at the moment so much of their school work is mind numbing and written not at all what is appealing to the active, young minds of children.

This means you have to try and make it as interesting a possible ... crazy voices anything will do really.

The other way is to just get in and get it done so you can have fun doing other things like our Fun Fridays as well as art, craft, games, stories and at the moment dancing.

We go through stages where the kids will be interested in one thing and do it to death which can get a bit irritating, as I am sure most people will admit. This is when you start to find them new things to be interested in. However it is great to see them exploring every part of it and every way to do or use something. Some things never get old though like playdough.

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