Friday, 4 November 2011

Creative Classroom

I am so lucky with the creative kids I have in my classroom.
They will often think of something they want to make during the day and the rules are as long as you clean up after it ... go for it, and they do.

On Tuesday this week we had some very interesting creations.
From the two girls we had some birds in their nests.

The two girls used part of an egg carton, buttons, card, feathers, paper, pipe cleaners, pompoms and some pre cut stars that we got from somewhere.

Earlier in the day Mr Preppy and Mr T created things with boxes.

Mr Preppy made a robot that sucks up the smoke and has a hose to put out the fire.

Mr Preppy used a tissue box, some egg carton, some pieces of drinking straw and a pipe cleaner.

After spending some time sticking things Mr T had fun making himself a robot.
They do say that imitation is the finest form of flattery.

Mr T used an oats box, some cut up patty papers, pieces of drinking straw, coloured paper, cellophane and a pompom. For him I put the bits and pieces on a plate for him to choose from. Nearly three year olds rummaging through the cupboard is not a good idea unless you want to clean it out.

Mr T has just discovered gluing and loves it "I make, I stick, I make" is a constant phrase when he is in the schoolroom.
Actually Mr T has just discovered the schoolroom and how much fun he can have doing things instead of being home with Mum. So now I regularly five bodies joining me in the schoolroom every day.

  • Our little bits and pieces for craft are all stored in a box together and the kids love rummaging through it to get ideas. The box holds anything from glitter and feathers to paddle pop sticks and pipe cleaners. A great place to pick bits and pieces up is a cheap shop like Crazy Clarks.
  • Our paper and cardboard is stored in a box and on a shelf in the cupboard. We collect all kinds of papers including wrapping paper, cellophane (even off flowers), tissue paper. Sometimes when I see some cool wrapping paper or and interesting textured paper I will get some to add to the box. 
  • I also collect boxes of various sizes, magazines and egg cartons for the the kids to cut up.
  • Glue ... we have glue sticks, PVA or wood glue and for the tricky to stick stuff craft glue which is always used under supervision with the littlies.
  • I use to put down newspaper to work on but now we use a piece of plastic on the floor (that wonderful table cloth stuff). When painting I will usually put out newspaper as well so there is somewhere to wipe wet brushes.

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