Friday, 4 November 2011

The Gross, Disgusting, Yummy Stew

This post is thanks to Mr Preppy who as part of school this week got to make a crazy recipe. 
So here goes...

The Gross, Disgusting, Yummy Stew

You need:
a tin
tamarind seedpods
dried up orange and mandarin

What to do
1. Put water in the tin
2. Put a pinch of sand in the water
3. Put in a handful of dirt and leaves
4. Squash 2 tamarind seedpods and put them in
5. Squish up 1 mango and put it in.
6. Pull apart 1 dried up mandarin and 1 dried up orange and put them in
7. Stir it up


Mr T helped out Mr Preppy so some extra ingredients were probably added.

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