Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Taking away

On Monday Mr E and Miss S helped their dads take away weaners. So bright and early eager children headed to the horse yards to get ready to go so that they would be able to walk the weaners to the Bore Paddock bore by lunch. They would then be able to continue on to the weaners new new home after their extended stay in the holding paddock down at the yards by mid afternoon. This all went well and Boss Lady R and Boss Lady H drove the old red truck out to meet them so the horses didn't have to walk the whole way back.

Waiting ... come on Dad

What joy ... Mr E having a belly laugh
after Buffit decided to shake herself down with him on her back brrr.

Like father like son ...

 Poor Mr E's pony bolted (well as fast as she can) leaving him in the dust but luckily all that he hurt was his pride. This meant he came back early as Buffit (the pony) was no where to be found.

Father and daughter

Looking forward to the day ahead

Miss S heading off for a days work.

Miss S however stayed out the whole day arriving back exhausted but with the biggest smile on her face, so proud of her days work.

There go the weaners

Boss R bringing up the rear

And just because I can't help myself here are some more photos taken while they were getting ready to leave from the horse yards.


Just hanging around

Little cowboy boot
The Old Red Truck


  1. hope the pony found its way home! been a hot few days, so it really would have felt like a big day for the kids!

    (we too have an old red Toyota truck, now relagated to the being molasses tank transporter...and an even older dodge which to drive is QUITE and adventure!)

  2. @ Sharon ... Yes it has been very hot. Hopefully it rains soon. How coincidental our red truck usually has the molasses tank on the back as well unless it is needed for something else. We have one of those old Toyota land cruisers for driving around but the breaking system is a little interesting. Hope it cools down for you soon.


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