Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Back to School Term 4 and Falling off the Wagon

The first day back ... pupils in their chairs, extra mini pupil on the floor, on airs on and a bit of fun to be had. We are back into school after exciting holidays that were had by all.
Today however was our third day back ... as seen below obviously we have fallen off the school wagon already. Instead we headed out in the heat to do some yard work. Exhilarating.
Heading to the cattle yards
The weaners (calves taken off their mums)
Moving the weaners
The weaners heading out to the holding paddock to eat.
The weaners being taken to the holding paddock.
Weaners heading out the gate.
Cows and calves.
The job ahead.
Me and the cattle ... waiting.
The cattle.
"Time for a swim little one then you can go back to mummy."
Calling for Mum.
Some of the bubbies ready for branding.
Cows to be spayed (cow equivalent of getting tubes tied) so they can get nice and fat.
Back to school tomorrow ... maybe ... until next week's cattle work anyway.


  1. I love your photos of the cattle. Just beautiful. I can almost smell the dust and hear those weaners!

  2. Cattle work waits for no-one. I had DS yr 4 out mustering Mon and Tue. I guess the only bonus is that I am for the 1st time up to date with DS yr 3 school work - so an easy Friday for him tomorrow.

  3. Wow Maria, it sounds like it is pretty busy at your place to. Its always good when you get those little bonuses that let you get up to date when needed.


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