Friday, 5 October 2012

Highway Driving


Highway driving is scary and it often takes a lot of nerve especially when driving the A2 heading through Central Western QLD. Here is why:

- The state of the roads: lets just say good suspension is a must and sometimes pothole avoidance is pointless as is avoiding the ripples and cracks in the bitumen.

- Road works: I couldn't get over the sheer amount of road works holding everyone up this trip. There almost seemed to be at least one set between each town (mind you guess that will fix the state of the road).

- Trucks (please note I have nothing against trucks and truck drivers they do a great job and without them nothing much would be moved around the state): ones with WIDE loads as in wider than the road wide loads, then the ones that overtake each other on the barely wide enough roads with trailers swaying (scary to watch), oh and don't forget the road trains you can't see past until you are on the other side of the road.

- Drivers: you know the irritating ones not doing the speed limit who speed up when you try to pass.
- Wild life: like the Bustard sitting in the middle of the highway today that took off after I slowed rapidly down from 110km/hr
- The setting western sun: wow that is blinding making it hard to see the road kill and hard to see your speedo or anything else for that matter.

The upsides however are watching the changing scenery, seeing the vast tracts of land and well that sunset is pretty spectacular as the the sun rapidly drops from the sky lending everything a golden hue.

Now that is the approx 9hr day of driving done ... just approx 5hrs to go plus the grocery shop so I have food.

Oh and in case you didn't work it out from this post I am heading back to 'The Station' after being away for the holidays. More on that later.


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