Monday, 8 October 2012

Down on the Farm - a Little Clucky

I move the chunk of old, grey timber leaning against the rippled iron and slowly pull the large corrugated iron door of the hay shed open. I peer around the the edge of the other door and see nestled among the hay a soon to be mummy keeping her clutch of eggs warm. They aren't her eggs but she has happily taken them as her own and like her other friends will hopefully protect and raise them as her own. Fostering of the best kind.

While I was home 'down on the farm' there were quite a few clucky hens. I was lucky enough that all three clutches of eggs that were being sat on by broody hens hatched while I was down that way. Chicks galore can be found at different ages, running around in a few different pens with protective mummies trying to round them up and hide them whenever anyone is around. They are just so cute a fluffy.

This very cute bunch hatched by the Wednesday of the week we went down to my Grandparent's place. So in these photos they are a few days old.

And these cuties hatched the next week. These photos are taken just after the last chick hatched so not all of them quite had the hang of walking and had to have a snooze every few steps.

Did you nice the different breed hens yet all the chicks look the same? That is because the chicks are all the same breed they are not either of the breed of hook that hatched them but Barnevelders instead (black chook with pretty gold lace pattern on feathers).


  1. What cute little fellas. You have done a great job photographing them too. We hatched a little fella (Indian x English)in an incubator this week - poor little fella keeps throwing himself over backwards and cant stay on his feet.

  2. Thanks Maria. Your little chick sounds like a funny little fellow :)


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