Saturday, 6 October 2012

Backity, Backity, Back, Back, Back!

Yep you guessed it, I am back on the station, back in the wild, woolly west and ready (ok not so ready) and raring (not raring at all) for term 4.
Obviously a windmill
Classic signage
Heading from the 'Downs' towards the range country
Pretty white water lilies
So that last bit was a little bit of a fib. When leaving home on the Darling Downs I was not ready for term 4 but instead for more holidays (I even think they all got sick of me vocalising the fact that I didn't want to leave, so sick of it they had to nick off for a weekend at the coast to recuperate after I left) however somewhere in the 1000+ km between here and there something changed (I suspiciously think it was the dirt road rattling some common sense back into my brains) and now I am ready and raring to go. This will be a bit of a sad term but I hope to make it one worth remembering.
Argh traffic ... get off MY road.
A 'willy willy' or whirly wind
A bush with white flowers
A tree with white flowers
Very pretty
Creek crossing
A cow ... hmm she is familiar ... sorry two cows
Another cow
Ooo more cattle
So here is to a fun, exciting, challenging term of learning and station life.
A pair of brolgas
P.S. 9 weeks to go (schools in western QLD finish a week earlier than the one in the south east).


  1. Argh!!! We have 11 weeks this term (Western NSW) Will we make it?! Love your pictures. What a beautiful spot.

  2. Icky! I feel for you. We had 11 weeks last term. I think the worst though was the 12 weeker at the beginning of last year. Thinking of you. On the up side (hmm maybe not upside) there is a LONG holiday after it.
    Thanks for you comment on my pics. It is a lovely spot.

  3. Am I missing something - you have said this will be a sad term- why?

  4. Hi Jacana, this is my last term on the station as it is time to start a new chapter of my life with a certain Mr Sparky WITHOUT the distance. Exciting but sad.

  5. Oh - now that is exciting news. Congratulations and may life with Mr Sparky make you feel like a live wire!

  6. I really enjoy your photos. I have just started my 4th term as a Dist Ed Mum and for the 1st time I feel organsied lol. Hopefully it will be the same next week. I hope you have a great term too.

  7. Thanks Maria. I am the opposite and feeling completely un organised.


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