Sunday, 21 October 2012

Dust and Horns

Some of the girls ... both Devons, one polled one with horns.
Polled cattle have it in their genes not to grow horns.
We were back in the yards on Friday and I realised I'm going to miss this. The dirt, dust, cow poo, flies, sweat, the cattle, the camaraderie, the feeling of a job well done.
Galahs on the fence waiting to help out.
On Friday the kids and I did school until 9:30am and then packed up smoko for everyone and headed to the yards decked out in our hats, boots, long sleeved shirts and jeans.
Smoko time.
Other than coming back for lunch we didn't leave again until nearly 7pm. What a day! It was filled with hunting up cattle, drafting, dipping, drafting again, branding, more dipping and plenty of the above mentioned dust. Branding was hot work with the weather and fire combined.

Pushing cattle through the yards
Sending cattle into the dip.
Bad hair day.
Drafting ... separating into groups.
Drafting the weaners and calves.
The yards ... well half of them.
Curious calves ... gotta love the super big ears on part Brahmans.
More calves having a look.
A calf getting the royal treatment ... ear tags, dehorned, branded and castrated.
Standing around waiting.
Cows wandering around.
Dust and Horns.
The sun setting over the cattle yards.
A dusty sunset.
Peeking sun.
The setting sun peeking through the leaves.
The last of the day.


  1. What a great day, I really love the sunset, so beautiful.

  2. I was a great day and such a pretty sunset with all the dust from cattle in the yards.


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